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February 26, 2012

Get Cookies for Blaming AutoRaja!

devadutta @ 10:41 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1330296079 ) Play

We got some great positive feedback for our new “Blame AutoRaja” feature, so, we have added more enhancements to it!

Changes in this release

  1. No need to be logged in. You can now Blame AutoRaja for his bad correction on anybody’s answer!
  2. You earn a cookie each time you place a blame on AutoRaja. Good deeds should not go unrewarded, you see. You need to logged in to earn cookies.
  3. Cookies you earn will be displayed on your profile page and on each of your comments, just like medals (red arrow)
  4. You can now  see a green check mark on all answers AutoRaja has marked correct and red cross on every answer marked wrong.
  5. You can only see “Balme AutoRaja” link only on answers marked wrong.

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