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February 23, 2012

Blame AutoRaja

devadutta @ 1:31 am, GMT +0000 ( 1329960667 ) Play

Long long ago, so long ago, no one can say how long ago, we had promised that we would manually check every answer modded by AutoRaja to spot errors. Unfortunately, manually checking every answer is insanely hard.

So, we request you to help us find modding errors by reporting it to us.

We have made it super simple for you to report errors. When you are logged in, you will see a “Blame AutoRaja” link on any answer you have posted. If you click on that, we will get a notification and we will manually review the answer and assign points if it has not been done.

If you are not logged in or if you do not have a registered user name, you can do it the old fashion way and send us a note at

Hope this feature makes your life a little easier :)

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