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August 12, 2018

11 Years!

devadutta @ 11:16 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1534115789 ) Play

Happy Birthday BoiledBeans! I guess we will just call it official and post once a year. Just kidding.

Question for the day. 1 demanded 2 to come up with a writing system that soldiers could read in the dark. 2 Created it and 3 improved it to make it more useful and it is now used all over the world. Who is 2? Bonus points for identifying 1 and 3.

Cracked by: Sumanth Patlolla and Sumanth Patlolla

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One Response to “11 Years!”

  1. Sumanth Patlolla

    1) Napoleon Bonaparte
    2) Charles Barbier
    3) Louis Braille

    oh, and a happy 11th birthday to BoiledBeans!
    Keep those questions coming :)

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