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August 14, 2007


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BoiledBeans is a “tech quiz” site. i.e., what we do is post questions related to the world of computers, science, technology, and geekery in general, and you try to answer these questions.

How it works

  1. We post a question (typically, one per day).
  2. You post the answer as a comment. It will not show up as soon as you post, but will be screened for a while
  3. The next day, we post all the answers and announce who has the answer right, and award points.

If you get an answer right, you get one point. Our system (automated, obviously) collates your points and displays various statistics about them along the sidebar. We occasionally have special questions/rounds where there are more points up for grabs.

Hall of fame:
Five all time high scorers on BoiledBeans are shown under this section. If you want to check out your score, click on the “Hall of Fame” link and you will see a page showing the scores of all users. Finding your name in the list should not be hard. Click on any user name in this list and you see some “extended stats” which we churned out when we had lot of time on our hands.

Designed to give you extreme brag rights. Runlength on BoiledBeans is defined as “the number of questions a user answers correctly in a row”. The top 5 longest runlengths are displayed on the front page. If you click on the username, you can see links to questions which the user has answered correctly. With a small trick, you can find your runlengths too. Let us know if you cant figure out how, we will help you out…

This month’s toppers:
Highest scorers in the questions asked this month.

Achievements on bb are recognized by giving out medals.
Monthly Top Scorers get these. Automatically assigned at the end of any given month.

Star of Honor:
Awarded to recognize something spectacularly awesome. Like getting a 100 correct answers in a row or getting 500 points or cracking a very hard question.

When a question you send in gets published, you get a GQHero (Guest Question Hero :)  trophy, like this one

Registration and points
Points are awarded and collated based on your name while posting your answer. You don’t need to register to get points, since our backend doesn’t require it to collate names. However, to ensure that you have a unique display name, and that you don’t end up donating your points to someone else, you need to register. Registration also removes the anti-spam captcha (which sucks, but works) during posting.

bb user gets a profile which summarizes points, ranks  and other achievements. You can reach your profile at

You can see links to Boiledbeans questions on Twitter at . Wanna get updated whenever we post a new question? Just start following boiledbeans on Twitter. EMS will send you an update whenever a question is posted.

Addicted to BB? You can hook up device updates for @boiledbeans, and get an SMS whenever a question is posted :-)


1. My comment did not show up!!
A. It is awaiting moderation. This is done so that your answer cannot be seen by others.

2. Can I post questions?
A. As of now, no. But if you have a good question, you can mail it to boiledbeans (at)

3. I have a suggestion to improve Boiledbeans. How do I send it?
A. You can either mail it to us at or post a comment on the feedback page.

4. I didn’t get points for an answer <or> I believe there’s a different right answer <or> I think the QM is a complete nutcase. What do I do?
A. Same as the answer to (3).

5. When do you post your questions?
A. At about 1000 IST | 0430 UTC/GMT| 2130 PDT every day.

6. Do you screen guest questions? or, do you just post whatever we send in?
A. Its like the “You should be _this_ tall to get on this ride” signs you see in carnivals. Questions need to have a minimum amount of drama, intrigue and geekiness in them.

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