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September 14, 2007

In some century

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1. b82b7970e66ea59417c46f86264aa323.jpg

2. ?

3. d8c402f2b6c6784ba364437ee0887811.jpg 4.fb23a8ca020c5b7788c0787ae7a69a46.jpg

1 lead to 2 ( no, there is no image there ), which in turn led to 3 and 4.
What is 2?
While you are at it, put fundas about 1,3 and 4 also

udupendra , Arun Krishnamoorthy , srikanth , prasanth , yaksha , Abhishek got it almost right.

1. “Amazing Stories” cover showing Anthony Rogers, which went on to become Bucks Rogers

3. Duck Dodgers in th 24 and 1/2th century was a parody on Buck Rogers

4. The famous rocket man on a modern Jet pack.

so, 2 was Buck Rogers. The reason why a comic character made it into a tech quiz was that the jet pack, which the rocket man is wearing in the 4th pic is a concept which more or less evolved from the method Buck Rogers uses to travel. Therefore, the jet pack was the central connect.

10 Responses to “In some century”

  1. udupendra

    2. Buck Rogers.

    1. The Amazing Stories issue where Buck Rogers made his debut

    2. Duck Dodgers, a parody of Buck Rogers

    3. The space suit is what you would call a ‘Buck Rogers outfit’ :)

  2. udupendra

    It’s 2-1-3-4, and not 2-1-2-3 as numbered in my earlier comment.

  3. I believe the first pic is the Amazaing Stories brought out by some Frank Paul with cover design…in this issue we had Anthony Rogers the central character of Armageddon 2419AD…This character later developed to Buck Rogers. Buck Rogers has been credited with bringing into popular media the concept of space exploration, following in the footsteps of literary pioneers such as H.G. Wells (one of the editors
    A ten-minute Buck Rogers film has recently been shown in some places in US as part of science fairs…
    Buck Rogers’ name has become proverbial in such expressions as “Buck Rogers outfit” for a protective suit that looks like a spacesuit. That kinda explains Pic 4 i hope. and Pic 3 is probably the Daffy Duck spoofs on Buck called the Duck Dodgers series…

    So is Pic2 – Buck Rogers????

  4. srikanth

    was inspired by (1)

    1) Is the prediction of personal flying thingies called jet packs in Amazing stories 1928 issue.

    3) Is duck dodgers, who uses a jetpack

    4) Is the modern Powerhouse rocket belt.

  5. prasanth

    1) Buck rogers
    2) Must be Flash gordon
    3) Duck dodgers
    4) centennial of flight?

  6. yaksha

    2> is Buck rogers in the 25th century
    [wiki rip]
    1>”Buck Rogers” first appeared in this issue of Amazing Stories, August 1928. The cover illustrates The Skylark of Space, not Buck Rogers.
    [/wiki rip]
    3>Daffy spoofing Buck rogers to “Duck dodgers” in the 24 th and a half century

  7. srikanth

    I forgot to add, the name “duck dodgers” is a play oin “buck rogers”, the guy wearing the jetpack in (1)

  8. Abhishek

    The first pic is of the amazing stories comic :)
    The second one in the connect is Buck rogers
    Link :
    Buck rogers was published in Amazing stories

    The third one is Duck Dodgers which was a spoof of Buck rogers
    Link :

    Not sure about the fourth one.

  9. Shashank

    2. Retro-futurism

    1. The jet pack, an icon of the future, appearing on an August 1928 issue of Amazing Stories science-fiction magazine.
    3. Duck Dodgers
    4. The Powerhouse Rocketbelt in flight.

  10. jayanth

    the rocketeer? (the movie)

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