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September 14, 2007

In some century

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2. ?

3. d8c402f2b6c6784ba364437ee0887811.jpg 4.fb23a8ca020c5b7788c0787ae7a69a46.jpg

1 lead to 2 ( no, there is no image there ), which in turn led to 3 and 4.
What is 2?
While you are at it, put fundas about 1,3 and 4 also

udupendra , Arun Krishnamoorthy , srikanth , prasanth , yaksha , Abhishek got it almost right.

1. “Amazing Stories” cover showing Anthony Rogers, which went on to become Bucks Rogers

3. Duck Dodgers in th 24 and 1/2th century was a parody on Buck Rogers

4. The famous rocket man on a modern Jet pack.

so, 2 was Buck Rogers. The reason why a comic character made it into a tech quiz was that the jet pack, which the rocket man is wearing in the 4th pic is a concept which more or less evolved from the method Buck Rogers uses to travel. Therefore, the jet pack was the central connect.

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