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September 13, 2007

Look at it this way: in a hundred years, who’s gonna care?

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Connect the three images below to an iconic system:

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(Detailed fundas on all three preferred)

Cracked by: udupendra , Arun Krishnamoorthy , Biki , nihit , Shashank and Ganesh Prasad.

Breakout,  prototyped by Steve Wozniak,  was a huge inspiration in the development of the Apple II
Visicalc,  the first ever desktop killer-app,  was designed for the Apple II and pretty much set off the PC software revolution.
The Terminator’s view of life as depicted in the first movie consisted of white text scrolling over a reddish-hued world. This text was basically a ROM dump from an Apple II game.

The connect: Apple II. The precursor to every desktop PC we know today.

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