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September 13, 2007

Look at it this way: in a hundred years, who’s gonna care?

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Connect the three images below to an iconic system:

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(Detailed fundas on all three preferred)

Cracked by: udupendra , Arun Krishnamoorthy , Biki , nihit , Shashank and Ganesh Prasad.

Breakout,  prototyped by Steve Wozniak,  was a huge inspiration in the development of the Apple II
Visicalc,  the first ever desktop killer-app,  was designed for the Apple II and pretty much set off the PC software revolution.
The Terminator’s view of life as depicted in the first movie consisted of white text scrolling over a reddish-hued world. This text was basically a ROM dump from an Apple II game.

The connect: Apple II. The precursor to every desktop PC we know today.

12 Responses to “Look at it this way: in a hundred years, who’s gonna care?”

  1. udupendra

    Apple II

    Breakout – Steve Wozniak had designed Breakout for Atari, and when he designed Apple II, he borrowed liberally from what he had done for Breakout

    Visicalc – the first PC spreadsheet application, that in many ways helped making PCs common at businesses, initially ran only on Apple II, thus helping Apple II become a runaway commercial success.

    Terminator – Shots in the movie shown through the Terminator’s vision, are basically dumps of Apple II ROM assembler code.

  2. Ok here goes…..

    Breakout – this video game was the basis and inspiration for the Apple II computer….

    VisiCalc – Conceived by Dan Bricklin, refined by Bob Frankston, developed by their company Software Arts[, and distributed by Personal Software in 1979 (later named VisiCorp) for the Apple II computer, it propelled Apple’s status in the financial world

    Terminator – Shots through the Terminator’s vision shows a dump of the ROM assembler code for the Apple II operation system – from IMdB :)

    So is the connect Apple II???

  3. Biki

    Apple 2

    1. Breakout arcade, from atari , prototyped by Woz who also designed Apple 2
    2. first spreadsheet program, application for Apple 2
    3. terminator, with Apple 2 assembly (6502 assembler) code on his visual display …

  4. bs

    I’d go with Steve Jobs. He slimed Wozniak into optimizing the Breakout design for $$/removed part (though Atari didn’t use his design). Visicalc was written to run on the Apple II and Pixar’s rendition engine was used for some animations in the Terminator movies.

  5. nihit

    The Apple II computer.

    1) Breakout: Breakout directly influenced Steve Wozniak’s design for the Apple II computer — “A lot of features of the Apple II went in because I had designed Breakout for Atari. I had designed it in hardware. I wanted to write it in software now.”

    more here:

    2) Visicalc: Distributed by Personal Software in 1979 (later named VisiCorp) for the Apple II computer, it propelled the Apple from being a hobbyist’s toy to being a much-desired, useful financial tool for business.

    more here:

    3) Terminator: Whenever you see through the eyes of The Terminator himself, a bunch of computer text is scrolling by. This text is the source code for an Apple II checksum program, among other programs.

    Or are you looking for something deeper than this?

  6. breakout was developed for Atari by Wozniak and Jobs.
    Jobs was an employee of Atari. He brought Wozniak to the Atari office during the nights, Wozniak was a gaming freak and prospects of free gaming was enuf to lure him.
    Wozniak and Jobs later founded Apple.Visicalc made Apple’s products useful to business folks.
    I think , Apple has a spyware called the terminator.

  7. Karthik

    Macintosh IIfx

    VISICALC: First spread sheet program. Came with Apple 2.
    Terminator: Graphics using electric Image run on Apple. The Macintosh IIfx required some termination cables n this has got somethin to do with Sarah Connor and the Terminator.

  8. Vinod

    Time Machine??

  9. Shashank

    Apple II

    1. Breakout – H/W designed by Steve Wozniak which influenced Apple II
    2. VisiCalc – the first spreadsheet program available for Apple II
    3. Terminator movie poster – Apparently the scrolling code you see through the eyes of the Terminator is from an old type-in game listing for the Apple II+ called Nibble.

  10. Ganesh Prasad

    pic1: Breakout is an arcade game and was an inspiration for the design of the first Apple II personal computer.

    Pic2:VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet program available for personal computers which propelled the Apple from being a hobbyist’s toy to being a much-desired, useful financial tool for business.

    pic3 : Terminator
    The Terminator’s vision display are actually source code printouts for an Apple II+ program that ran in a computer magazine (Nibble) in the early 1980s.

    Connect : Apple II

  11. yaksha

    the atari video computer system

  12. piezocake

    IBM 360. (When in doubt, …)

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