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September 16, 2007


devadutta @ 10:55 am, GMT +0000 ( 1189940143 )


Do you have any suggestions? complaints? rants?

Leave it as a comment here. (That way, people will know which improvement to boiledbeans came as a result of a suggestion from which user :) )

We have closed comments on this page temporarily. Please post your feedback on the latest post or please mail it to

159 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. i changed my display name from gudanggurum to gurupad. can all my points be transferred to either on of the display names? or should i switch back to my old display name?

  2. rahul

    guyz u should post few quiz on technology will help alot for tcs it wiz

  3. srikanth

    @Rogi: Thanks a bunch, mate. We saw your comment a long time ago and we’re trying to contact websense. A couple of others have reported it as well, so we’ll try to get ourselves unlisted.

    Sadly, this site has no seedy side to it. The pr0n is not here :-(

  4. srikanth

    @Gurupad: Done. You’re henceforth called Gurupad.

    All your points and answers are transferred. Note that the posts may still credit “gudanggurum”, but the points are with “Gurupad”

  5. Vardhan Shenoy

    Hey.. vardhans94 and Vardhan Shenoy are the same.Plz shift the points to Vardhan Shenoy

  6. AmK


    My run-length seems to be stopped at 22, even though I’ve got 4 more after that. It seems to be taking 756 twice and restarting the length again:

  7. Hey Rithwik K and Rithwik are the pls shift the points to Rithwik K (Rank – 57 )

    Mod edit: Done! Check out your new rank!

  8. Godzilla101

    Hey you people are taking a lot of time.Update asap.

  9. Rogi

    From some of the recent replies with links, it looks like the bots are attacking.
    Are they bypassing captcha, somehow?

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