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May 9, 2014

Two for Friday

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Two guest questions today! Yay!

1. Rogi asks

You’ve heard of the Jacquard Loom?  This is on the other end of that spectrum. What was the method used, called? We will accept the proper term or the humorous acronym.


2. Manish Achuth asks

What is this guy holding? He basically proved something that happened in 1983.

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Cracked by: Rogi , Manish Achuth , s m muneer ali , Sumanth Patlolla , Dibyo , Ananth , Jayaprakash B R , Bipin Banavalikar and Siddharth C S

Answer 1: “Little Old Ladies” or “LOL” was the term used for the programming or rope core memory like that used in early space probes and the Apollo Guidance Module’s memory core.

Answer 2: Atari’s ET game. The sale was so bad that
Atari went bankrupt and filled 14 trucks with unsold cartridges that they dumped in a New Mexico landfill.

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