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December 21, 2013

Selfie Stimulus

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Congrats to Rogi for cracking the Ridiculously Long Connect :) Great Job!

I will put up the answer in a few days. Since Rogi cracked the RLC, the series is over. This question is not connected to the theme.

If you want to try cracking the RLC theme, here is a final hint: Earl Grey Tea.

Now for today’s question

Identify this camera and tell us its claim to fame.

Cracked by: Manish Achuth , Siddharth Prathap , s m muneer ali , Rogi , Bipin Banavalikar and Sumanth Patlolla

Logitech Fotoman or Dycam. The first commercially available digital camera.

Points assigned by AutoRaja. Review by lazy humans pending.

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