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November 27, 2011

Back-end issues

devadutta @ 5:16 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1322414213 ) Play

Hello People,

Our back-end seems to have some issues and images/audio clips are not loading. We are working on getting it fixed.
Stay tuned.

Update: Our web hosting provider has gone kaput. All questions will be kept open until 30th November. We need to run our recovery scripts after the hosting company’s recovery scripts are done.

Update 2: Turns out we are running on one of the worst web hosts ever. They need 5 days to do a restore! And they are yet to restore our backups. We will be doing a hard restore tonight. When Murphy decides to make your day bad, he will make it bad for sure. All questions will be open until further notice.

See update above.


One Response to “Back-end issues”

  1. please give us enough time to answer the pending questions then :)

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