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September 20, 2010

We lost a few comments

devadutta @ 10:19 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1285021175 ) Play

Ladies and Gents,

Due to a database error and disjoint backup images, we have lost a few comments on questions posted over the past few days.
If you notice your answer is missing, please re-post it.

Update: We have opened comments on all questions posted in the last 15 75 (thats seventy five :) ) days

Update 2: Just because we have opened comments on 75 questions, it does not mean we have lost comments on all of them. We have lost a few comments posted in the range of 15-17th Sep.

We have a very super extra complicated way to check if your comment is indeed missing, but we will not do that. We will just trust you and give points :)

4 Responses to “We lost a few comments”

  1. Two requests:

    1. I didn’t see my comment on the July 30th question ( even though I had commented. Is it possible for you to extend this offer to that question too? :)

    2. There is one question which I had commented on as ‘Thejas’ instead of the usual ‘Thejas V R’. You have created a user called Thejas (which has a solitary point in its kitty) Is it possible to transfer that point to ‘Thejas V R’?

    Thanks. :)

  2. Done. Please leave a comment.

  3. Dibyo

    i reposted a couple of entries, but got bored, 75 is too many!

  4. Rahul Rajeev

    Thank u :) quite a few of my answers were lost, now they’re back!

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