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September 3, 2010

Professional Witness

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Fully-formed guest question from Rogi – the latest winner of the shiny

The gentleman in (1) created the device in the foreground of  (2) with all the stickers on it.
If you can tell us what the stickers are, we’ll assume you know who he is and what he created.

Got more questions? awaits.

Cracked by jowens , Rogi , Bharath and shrik

Check out Rogi’s answer for the full details.

5 Responses to “Professional Witness”

  1. jowens

    That’s TVG #1, a vacuum tube spot generator, built at Sanders by Ralph Baer. The majority of the stickers (at least 3 of the 6 stickers) mark this unit as an exhibit in a lawsuit (Mattel, Activision, and the bright yellow one unknown). It worked with the Heathkit CG-62 pattern generator (the big box).

  2. Rogi

    Ralph Baer created the TVG#1 or TV Game Unit #1 as an initial step in development of the Brown Box , which would eventually become the Magnavox Odyssey.
    The stickers are evidence stickers from various patent lawsuits over the years.

  3. Bharath

    Ralp Baer- The father of video games …. He is also credited with the invention of the ping pong game.

    Baer started development of the “Brown Box” console video game system and several other prototypes in 1966 for the defense-electronics company Sanders Associates in Nashua, New Hampshire (now part of BAE Systems). In 1971, it was licensed to Magnavox, and after being renamed Magnavox Odyssey, the console was released to the public in 1972.

  4. shrik

    1. Ralph Baer, the great-grand-daddy of video games
    2. The Magnavox Odyssey

    The stickers are ‘analog graphics’ – put them on your television screen to ‘simulate’ the appearance of colour in the games!

  5. Logik

    Question needs to be framed better. Not workoutable.

    My guess – Polygraph test.

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