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August 29, 2010

The future is here?

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Identify and connect.

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Answer: Marty McFly wears a self lacing shoe in “Back to the future part 2” which was recently patented by Nike. They will probably bring it to production soon.

34 Responses to “The future is here?”

  1. prasanth

    1) Marty Mcfly with awesome future shoes that automatically fit themselves to his feet from the second back to the future movie

    2) nike’s patent application they filed for self-lacing shoes based on this awesome idea.

  2. Girish

    2015 Nike shoes from Back to the Future.

  3. shrik

    Mary McFly with his funky Nike Air Mags from BTTF 2.

    A patent that Nike has recently taken out on an automatic lacing system.

  4. udupendra

    Automatic lacing system by Nike, as seen on Back to the Future

  5. Sumanth Patlolla

    Nike Hyperdunks that Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future II II, with a glow in the dark soles.

  6. Manish Achuth

    Self Lacing shoes as seen in Back to the Future II.

  7. krudebox

    Nike patented auto-tying shoes recently, just like Mart McFly’s shoes..

  8. Logik

    Self tying shoelace/Powerlace. Being patented by Nike.

    Looks like the Nike Air Mag in Back to the Future II.

  9. self lacing shoes from back to the future. so nike wants to patent this product

  10. Rahul Rajeev

    Fig 1: Marty McFly’s Nike Air Mag shoes with power laces from Back to the Future II

    Fig 2(10): Nike’s patent for Back to the Future-style auto-tying shoes

    Connect: ‘Power Laces’

  11. nishansolo

    Nike Self-Lacing Shoe

    Pic 1 – Seen for the first time in BTTF-2
    Pic 2 – The recent Nike patent details

  12. vijayaraghavan

    moonwalk shoes

  13. vijayaraghavan

    oops. this is the patent for a shoe which automatically ties itself. and marty mcfly has a shoe like that in back to the future

  14. Rogi

    Nike is patenting the auto lacing Airs from Back to the Future II.

  15. Ananth

    Nike automatic lace system, shoes that tie themselves.

  16. Bharath

    The Hyperdunk McFly was a shoe released in the summer of 2008 by Nike. The design was inspired from Back to the Future Part II, with a similar appearance to the powerlacing shoes from 2015.Marty from the movie is seen here holding the shoe.

  17. jowens

    Nike patented auto-lacing shoes, a la BTTF2

  18. byslexia

    Nike’s new patent about a shoe-lace system that fastens itself. Supposedly, inspired from Marty McFly’s idea.

  19. Nike’s patent for self lacing shoes from the Back to the Future movies

  20. self fastening nike shoes

  21. Rahulk

    1) Marty McFly with its special Nike Trainers

    2) Nike’s patent for self tying shoes

    The connect is the Back to the future special shoes worn by Marty McFly which apparently can tie its own laces or something

  22. username

    my email address is:

  23. Anurag Sharma

    marty mcfly from back to the future
    the Nike Mcfly Hyperdunk

  24. Nike is working towards developing sneakers with an ‘Automatic Lace system’, like the ones in Back to the Future 2. They filed a patent for it in 2009.

  25. lanu

    pic 1: Sneakers in the Back to the future
    pic 2: Shoes with automatic lacing system from nike
    similar to Nike Air Mag from the “Back to the Future” sequel

    Nike filed patent for back to the future2 shoes with automatic laces

  26. Bheema V

    Apparently (2) is from Nike’s patent application for Self-lacing shoes a-la self-lacing from “Back to the future” series (1).

    Not sure whether prior art applies since I don’t remember the amount of details the movie went into on the shoes.

    Regarding prior art, I found this story interesting:

  27. Qbrain

    Back to the Future II’s Nike Air Mags

    Pic 2 is Nike’s patent for shoes with power laces !!!

    Nike has filed patent documents for shoes that can tie their own laces.

  28. Pic 1: Snapshot from Back to the future 2
    Pic 2: One of the figure in application for official patent for an automatic lacing system from Nike

    The design resembles the system featured within Nike’s Air Mag, Marty McFly’s sneakers in the film Back to the Future 2

  29. Dibyo

    marty mcfly sneakers by nike

  30. Nike HyperMax Mc Fly

  31. joe

    Nike McFly’s inspired from Back to the Future

  32. Xanda

    The self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future 2 and Nike’s patent for self-lacing shoes.

  33. 1. Marty McFly trying self-lacing sneakers in Back to the future 2
    2. Nike’s patent application diagram for the same.

  34. Nike Air 2015

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