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August 23, 2010

The 300 Man

devadutta @ 12:02 am, GMT +0000 ( 1282521741 ) Play

A big round of applause to Rogi for recording an unbeaten run-length of 300! Just Amazing! Keep it up!

In other updates, we were looking through the usage stats of bbPlay and looks like a lot of you like it! So we were thrilled and we have refreshed bbPlay with some major bug-fixes and added a few nice new features. Go ahead and click on the Play! button and you will notice

  1. You can now reach the post from inside bbPlay by clicking on the title
  2. Images are un-clickable. This was a major pain, sorry about having that bug there in the first place :)

The exciting new feature we have is that now you can tell us if you like a question by pressing “l” ( l for like ) within bbPlay and your vote will be registered. We will be displaying how many people liked a question and other stats shortly. Until then, you can just vote :)

Go ahead, Play and hit “l” to see for yourself :)


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