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August 11, 2010

Dive Dive Dive

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(1) gave (2) a lot of bad publicity (although – to be honest – for no real fault of 2). Why?

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The USS Yorktown (1) had some systems running Win NT. Some app on the ship crashed because someone entered a ‘zero’ somewhere, and some app tried a divide by zero, paralyzing the entire system. The fault was blamed on WinNT.

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  1. Logik

    The U.S. Navy’s Yorktown “Smart Ship,” an Aegis missile cruiser.

    The Yorktown lost control of its propulsion system because its computers were unable to divide by the number zero.

    Ah, because other OS’s do that division very precisely.

  2. SV

    Software glitches in NT crippled USS Yorktown in 1998

  3. Ganesh Prasad

    The Warship USS YorkTown was testing its new Smart Ship system . Bad data was fed into an application running on one of the 16 computers running Windows NT. The data contained a zero where it shouldn’t have, and when the software attempted to divide by zero, a buffer overrun occurred — crashing the entire network and causing the ship to lose control of its propulsion system.

  4. Rogi

    Because dividing by zero doesn’t work.
    The network crash on the Yorktown was the Navy’s fault for not putting in some error handlers.

  5. dineshk

    USS Yorktown which supposedly suffered from the blue screen of death in the middle of the ocean resulting in complete failure of the ship’s propulsion and weapons systems. It had to be towed back to the harbour.

  6. Manish Achuth

    USS Yorktown. They had installed Windows NT in their systems to test the Navy’s smart ship program. Some guy entered a zero in the database and caused a divide by zero error. This affected the propulsion system of the ship.

  7. Raghuvansh

    USS Yorktown, whose propulsion systems failed due to a divide-by-zero error thanks to an engineer who entered a zero into a database by mistake.

  8. Dibyo

    the uss yorktown used windows nt to run it, bwuahahaha, and it went down because of a divide by zero error!

  9. Aparna

    USS Yorktown, on which a crew member entered a zero into a database field causing a divide by zero error in the ship’s Remote Data Base Manager which brought down all the machines on the network, causing the ship’s propulsion system to fail.

  10. Goyal

    USS Yorktown (CG-48) – was testing new Smart Ship system, when a division by zero crashed systems and the ship was “dead in the water”.

  11. Ananth

    U.S. Navy’s Yorktown “Smart Ship”, was “sunk” due by Windows NT.

  12. T R Rahul

    Failure of the “Smart Ship ” tests. The USS Yorktown sank because of failure of the communication protocol which ran on Windows NT 4.0

  13. Rahulk

    (1) USS Yorktown (CG-48)

    (2) Windows NT

    Due to an error by a crew member (he entered a zero into the database field causing a divide by zero)there was a failure in the (1)’s propulsion system and hence (1) was stranded in the middle

    But the popular myth attributed the cause of failure of (1) due to (2)

  14. udupendra

    Because (1)(USS Yorktown) was sunk by (2) (A Windows NT powered software named SmartShip)

  15. USS yorktown
    A system failure on the USS Yorktown last September temporarily paralyzed the cruiser, leaving it stalled in port for the remainder of a weekend.

    “For about two-and-a-half hours, the ship was what we call ‘dead in the water,'” .The warship was testing its new Smart Ship system based on windows NT, which uses off-the-shelf PCs to automate tasks that sailors have traditionally done themselves.

  16. shrik

    The USS Yorktown was testing out its SmartShip system in 1998, when a system failure left it dead in the water.

    Windows NT was blamed, even though it wasn’t really (I think) running on any mission-critical systems, just the workstations.

  17. Vinay Hegde

    USS Yorktown which was stalled dead in water for close to three hours when the ship’s Windows NT based Smart Ship system crashed.

    NT was later expanded as ‘Needs Towing’. \m/

  18. Sumanth Patlolla

    USS Yorktown was used as the testbed for the Navy’s Smart Ship program running Windows NT 4.0

    On September 21, 1997, while on maneuvers off the coast of Cape Charles, Virginia, a crew member entered a zero into a database field causing a divide by zero error in the ship’s Remote Data Base Manager which brought down all the machines on the network, causing the ship’s propulsion system to fail.

  19. dheeraj

    USS Yorktown was using windows NT,smart ship program which uses PC to control the ship.
    It failed and the blame was put on windowsNT

  20. Girish

    USS yorktown was left adrift at sea for over two hours because of problems with its Windows NT-based software.

  21. sandesh

    Smart ship was left uncontrolled because of alleged problems with Win NT

  22. The USS yorktown (1) was left dead in the water due to a buffer overload problem following a human-error in the input to it’s Windows NT (2) based smart ship server system.

  23. krudebox

    A system failure occurred on the warship USS Yorktown which was testing a new Smartship system, and it left the ship paralysed and stalled.
    The U.S. Navy blamed the usage of Windows NT over Unix for this.

  24. Bheema V

    1. USS Yorkman or USS Yorkshire,
    was supposed to demonstration platform for ‘smartship’
    and the control system was run on
    2. Windows NT

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