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May 20, 2010

Live after death

srikanth @ 11:59 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1274399979 ) Play

Identify the place that is supposed to be at the bottom of (1), and might borrow its spatial senses from systems such as the one in (2).

Cracked only by dineshk , Rogi , shrik and varuns88
! dineshk has a very interesting point to add :-)


R’lyeh, the burial place of Cthulhu from the Cthulhu mythos.

  1. Oceanic pole of inaccessibility or Point Nemo – the place on the ocean’s floor farthest from any land mass.
  2. One random example of non-Euclidean geometry

R’lyeh is supposed to be situated at (1) and is basically filled with (2)

11 Responses to “Live after death”

  1. dineshk

    R’lyeh, the burial place of Cthulhu from the Lovecraft mythos. R’lyeh is supposed to reside in more than just the three spatial dimensions giving the impression of being non-Euclidean to earth-bound observers. An interesting side note: An extremely loud underwater noise called the bloop was observed in 1997 originating very close to the location of R’lyeh. Though it sounds biological in origin, there is no known organism big enough to make that noise and naturally Lovecraft fans have attributed it to the rumbling of the Cthulhu.

  2. Rogi

    I’d have gone with the Oceanic pole of inaccessibility or *Point Nemo*(Place on the ocean’s floor that’s the farthest from ANY land.).

    But because of the *bottom* part, I’ll go with R’lyeh (Cthulhu’s tomb) from the Lovecraft mythos.

  3. shrik


  4. audioslave nation

  5. if you’re asking for the green land mass at the bottom of the map then that’s Antarctica…

    transvese mercator ??

  6. Anonymous

    the bermuda triangle!!

  7. abhijeet singh

    the bermuda triangle!!

  8. varuns88


  9. Rahulk

    I give up…Wild guess ….Pacific Gyre

  10. something to do with the plates? antarctic plate, nazca plate and the triple junction?

  11. 1. Triple junction, Chile Triple Junction. On the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean off Taitao and Tres Montes Peninsula at the southern coast of Chile. Here three tectonic plates meet: the Nazca Plate, the South American Plate, and the Antarctic Plate.

    Plate tectonics.

    2. On a sphere, the sum of the angles of a triangle is not equal to 180°.

    Both are connected with spherical geometry..

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