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February 15, 2010

The face that launched a thousand videos

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Raghuvansh’s question continues the GQ marathon, earning him the shiny . This question had us stumped, so here’s hoping the rest of you will do better! (The question has been modified slightly)

Identify this man – who played a controversial role in a 2004 movie – and the meme associated.

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Bruno Ganz – played Hitler in Der Untergang. A scene from Der Untergang is what became popular in the “Hitler finds out” meme.

27 Responses to “The face that launched a thousand videos”

  1. udupendra

    Bruno Ganz, who played Hitler in Downfall, now known almost exclusively for the Hitlers gets angry meme

  2. Bruno Ganz who played Hitler in the movie Der Untergang from where the viral video staple scene of Hitler shouting is taken. latest example is the video of Hitler going nuts about the iPad.

  3. varuns88

    Bruno Ganz, the guy who played Hitler in Der Untergang, which led to the “Hitler learns” or “The Downfall” meme.

  4. Bruno Ganz, best known for his role as Adolf Hitler in Downfall. There was a scene in the movie where Hitler gets furious at the knowledge of the lost war. This is the inspiration for those Hitler viral videos on YouTube.
    Funnily, this struck me only because of a comment on a post on BoingBoing.

  5. umang

    bruno ganz
    hitler rage video

  6. dheeraj

    Bruno Ganz who acted as hitler in the movie Downfall (Der Untergang).
    The last scene where hitler shouts about losing the war is made fun of by changing the subtitles to imaginative ones…
    hitler on iPad
    hotler on his iPhone app being rejected.

    Cool one:
    Hitler on hitler parodies!!

  7. Logik

    Bruno ganz. Der untergang. Downfall. Hitler meme

  8. Rogi

    Bruno Ganz
    “Hitler Finds Out…”

  9. sidsen

    bruno ganz playing the pissed off hitler the ipad edition is hillarious which coincidentally i was watching just today

  10. Mo

    Bruno Ganz – Hitler in Downfall.

    Hitler rage videos

  11. shrik

    BB has been Godwinned.

    Bruno Ganz played Adolf Hitler in Der Untergang. An awesome movie, now famous for the Hitler’s downfall scene, which has been dubbed into thousands of scenarios. Like him being banned from WoW, planning Burning Man, TN’s engineering colleges, blocked by Chetan Bhagat, etc.

  12. krudebox

    Meme – A Thousand videos can only mean one thing.
    Bruno Ganz, who played Hitler in der Untergang.

  13. Bruno Ganz, who played Hitler in Der Untergang

  14. Rahulk

    Bruno Ganz and Hitler meme

  15. Bruno Ganz, the man who played Hitler in the 2004 movie Downfall. The meme- ‘Hitler finds out..’ videos on Youtube.

  16. nishansolo

    Bruno Ganz who plays Hitler in the German flick ‘Downfall’. A scene from the movie inspired the Hitler Rage Videos meme.

  17. malcaluffin

    the man is bruno ganz, who portrayed hitler in der untergang.

    the outburst of the hitler character in the movie has led to a lot of viral videos.

  18. Chinmaya U.Holla

    Bruno Ganz. Adolf Hitler. Der Untergang.

  19. Bruno Ganz and The Hitler Meme

  20. Bruno Ganz!!Hitler meme!

    But the best one i’ve ever seen is this
    ultimate video

  21. Dibyo

    bruno ganz as hitler in downfall which has that epic scene which has been spoofed a million times

  22. madhur

    Bruno Ganz and The Hitler Meme

  23. madhur

    Does not let me answer

  24. madhur

    Bruno Ganz and Hitler meme

  25. foobar

    Bruno Ganz. Meme is hitler meme from movie Downfall.

  26. Inglourious

    Bruno Ganz, Hitler in Der Untergang

  27. Army_of_One

    This is Bruno Ganz, who starred in the Movie “Downfall” based on the last days in the life of Hitler. This resulted in the “Hitler Meme” on Youtube and other sites, where videos spoofing the same appeared. Serious scenes in the movie were portrayed with jokey english translations on contemporary events such as Hilary Clinton.

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