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November 22, 2009


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Guest question from Raghuvansh. Fully framed by him. Thanks sire, you’ve earned a   GQHero Trophy!

X is a corrupt version of an extract from a work by 1. We know X for its ubiquitousness in a certain context.

X’s first non-tech usage in said context is thought to be in catalogs published by a company A which specialized in making 2, so much so that the A became a generic term for 2.

This non-tech use was duplicated in a tech form for the first time in a well-known software B which was originally made by a company C (named after 3). C merged with D (named after 4) some time ago and since then, B has been branded as a D product.

ID X. In case of joblessness, you may also try to ID all the other variables in the question.

12 3 4

Hint: Any place like this

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Cracked by: udupendra , varuns88 , sidsen , Shrey Goyal , Rogi , Dibyo , Logik , Ps and Mrinalini


Quoting Logik’s full answer

X – Lorem Ipsum, the standard dummy text for printing/typesetting.
4 – Adobe.

Since typesetting is involved, the D – Adobe product is Pagemaker. [ which was derived from B – aldus pagemaker]
C – Aldus

3 – Aldus Manutius.

[ and after a long period of googling]

1 – Cicero, the work being “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil)

A – Letraset.

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