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August 5, 2009


devadutta @ 10:06 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1249509960 ) Play

People attending this event use 1 to make things like 2 to win 3. What  is 1 and what does 3 give them?

1. dc17_badge_front (1) 2. badge_hacking_4

3. badge_hacking_8

Cracked by: shrik , Debasish , BASAB , Martin , Raghuvansh and Rogi.

Answer: A hackable DEFCON badge. Best hack wins an “UBER Badge” granting the winner free access to DEFCON for life!

6 Responses to “Sheeps”

  1. shrik

    this.event == Defcon 17

    3 are the Uber Badges, and whoever wins those gets lifetime free attendace to the DefCons..

  2. 1. Defcon Badges
    2. uses a fast Fourier transform algorithm to compute the input frequency, which it then displays by lighting up one of the 15 LEDs
    3. Uber Black Badge for lifetime access to Defcon

  3. 1. is the badge for DefCON and 3 is a free pass for life. For the last four years DefCon’s badges have been designed with circuit boards that attendees have been encouraged to hack as part of a contest. This year, the badge hackers were competing to win a black über badge, which gives the recipient free entry to DefCon for life.

  4. 1 is that badge that was given out at Defcon 17. 2 is an example of a hack that was done on the badge. The best hacks on the badges were given the uber badge(3) and a free pass to Defcon for life!

  5. Raghuvansh

    DEFCON’s Capture the Flag?

  6. Rogi

    1) A *Human* badge from this year’s DefCon.
    2) Free DefCon entry for life.

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