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May 28, 2009

Just Out

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Guest question from Raghuvansh Ramaswamy. Thanks saar!

Term X was coined by 1, who also provided the first example of it. Later examples came from the other three people shown, among a whole lot of others. ID X and 1  and explain what X means. (Optionally, you can id all the four junta)

1. f5064b3372e6f1bb841efce9c78b1371

2. 6a288d95e6943bbb346a88c575559941

3 and 4 bc9a54cb2106bbed04fee9a429d7a9df2d07095f8827b5b87c3982246f80f32d

Hint: Click on 2 and observe closely. He was(is) very famous because of this.

Went Uncracked.


I was hoping people will easily identify Justin Kan of fame, but did not happen.

Check out Raghuvansh’s comment for detailed answer.

3 Responses to “Just Out”

  1. Raghuvansh

    For guest question points, I shall do an udupendra by answering my own question. The term is sousveillance – live webcast of an activity, POV style, from a webcam worn by the participant. Uncle 1 is Steve Mann. 2 is Justin Kan, 3 is Jennifer Ringley and 4 is DotComGuy.

    Interesting funda I just found out. Those glasses on Mann\’s face are actually a webcam. Latest version, graduating from the full-body setup he wore in the 80s.

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  3. byslexia

    Snorricam ?

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