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April 22, 2009


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Guest question by p vs np


The guy should be considered a creative-genius. His weapon of choice was his name and with it he decided to put a multi-national in hot soup a few years ago. Id and put fundae.

Moar guest questions to plzkthx.

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Check out p vs np’s comment for the answer.

27 Responses to “Pwned”

  1. shrik

    Mike Rowe set up and p*ssed off M$. Here seen with (I think) the documentation form that case that he sold on eBay.

  2. Raghuvansh

    Mike Rowe, of MikeRoweSoft fame.

    Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft

  4. RON

    mike crowe –created website mike-rowe which was synonymous to microsoft

  5. Vaishnavi

    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook creator.

  6. Mike Rowe – his site was and MS threatened to sue him for using the domain.

  7. sidsen

    mike row

  8. Higgers

    Mike Rowe,

  9. p vs np

    ID: Mike Rowe, a Canadian high school student then.

    Funda: The famous lawsuit in 2004, concerning the domain name which was settled by the provision of training and a lot of freebies by Microsoft!!

    For info:

  10. Vijay Shankar

    Mike Rowe of

  11. foobar

    The guy in the photo is Mike Rowe, a student from Victoria, British Columbia, who started a website called as which phonetically is similar to the evil He is holding documents from the lawyers of microsoft demanding that he give up the domain name.

  12. dheeraj

    Microsoft vs MikeRoweSoft
    (Goliath vs David )

    lawsuit against Canadian kid who owned a domain name based on his name+soft(thought it was funny adding soft) which coincidentally has similar phonetics to MicroSoft!!
    (trademark infringement…din get the joke in “soft”)

    Out of the court settlement
    XBOX+ games
    Microsoft certification training
    (rest of it on

  13. Mike Rowe, who launched

  14. Siddharth Jain

    In ’03, Canadian student Mike Rowe, thought it would be amusing to set up a website named after himself. As usual Microsoft didn’t didn’t it funny, and there was a big legal dispute – eventually they settled for an out-of-court settlement

  15. svgreatest

    Mike Rowe


    Mike rowe of mikerowesoft fame. Clever bugger :)

  17. malcaluffin

    Mike Rowe. He was in a row with Mocrosoft over his domain name..

  18. alephnull

    Mike Rowe, who thought it would be fun to add a \

  19. alephnull

    “soft” to his name and register a domain

  20. alephnull

    For the love of Mike, fix the quoting problem in the comments.

  21. The lad is Mike Rowe, his websites name was MS sent the lawyers on his ass who at first cheekily wanted to settle with him for 10 USD

  22. Arjun

    Mike Rowe, who registered the domain and had a legal battle with microsoft…

  23. Rahul

    Orkut Büyükkökten

    In late June 2004, Affinity Engines filed suit against Google, claiming that Büyükkökten and Google based on code for InCircle, an application intended for university alumni groups. The allegation is based on the alleged presence of nine identical bugs in and in InCircle

  24. Bipin Banavalikar

    Pic is of Mike Rowe.

    He registered for domain name ‘’ which created a legal dispute with ‘Microsoft’ about trademark infringement

  25. Mike Rowe?

  26. Rithwik K

    Mike Rowe, of MikeRoweSoft fame.

  27. Sridhar C

    Mike RoweSoft.
    Started a website in that name that beacame a problem for Microsoft as it sounded similar to theirs!

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