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March 24, 2009

Aim to misbehave

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Cracked by Raghuvansh , sand , darthshak , Dibyo , sidsen , AmK , Jean Valjean and shrik.


NASA recently held a naming contest for Node 3 of the ISS. They suggested some names, took contributions, and allowed viewers to vote on the best. Among the suggested names, Serentiy (Pic 2 logo of the awesome TV series) was number one. Xenu (Pic 1) was #1 among the names suggested by viewers, Until Stephen Colbert (3) urged viewers to vote for naming the node after him, and that’s now the #1 entry. It remains to be seen what NASA will pick as the name!

9 Responses to “Aim to misbehave”

  1. Raghuvansh

    Suggested names in a poll for Node 3 of the ISS. Xenu, Serenity and Colbert.

  2. sand

    Top three for the names of space station node 3 of NASA. Serenity, Xenu and Colbert !

  3. darthshak

    The Space Station naming contest by NASA to give a name to the latest component added to the ISS.

    Stephen Colbert (Pic 3) ultimately won the contest as he asked viewers of Comedy Central to write in his name. He overtook Xenu (Pic 1).

    Serenity(Pic 2) was NASA’s favourite, but didnt quite make it…

  4. Dibyo

    This is the naming of ISS Node 3 for NASA? I can id Xenu and Colbert…

  5. sidsen

    once again, since i’m not sure if the previous answer got posted. naming the nasa node 3 top three candidates

  6. AmK

    NASA’s online contest to name the International Space Station’s Node 3 module via an online ballot. NASA’s suggestions included Serenity (the logo in 2).
    But write-ins for for Stephen Colbert (3) crushed all of NASA’s poll options. Serenity finshed second.

  7. Xenu, Serenity and Stephen Colbert the names proposed for node 3 of the internation space station. Colbert won.
    Proving once again that Sci-Fi doesn\’t stand a chance against the funny-men.

  8. shrik

    Xenu, Serenity and Colbert.

    Options to help NASA name Node 3 of the ISS –

  9. Rithwik K

    naming of ISS Node 3 for NASA

    Xenu, Serenity and Colbert.

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