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March 9, 2009

Please log off

srikanth @ 9:00 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1236632402 ) Play

This mail can be considered a sort of harbinger of bad news. About a year after it was posted, something (X) happened that the USENET oldtimers hated. In fact, they believe that it never really ended, and that X is still going on.

From: gbrown…
Date: May 6 1992, 1:42 am
Subject: Is America Online Connected to the Internet or Not?
To: comp.dcom.telecom

I have read many postings about America Online and the Internet in
this newsgroup. Since some of the information has been not quite
right I figured I should make a posting to clear up any misconseptions
that might exist. There is an America Online gateway to Internet. It
is now going into ‘open’ beta testing. To send mail to an America
Online, Promenade or PC-Link user you need to know the user’s screen
name. The only way to get a user’s screen name is to contact them by
other means (ie there is no name server). Once you know a user’s
screen name remove any spaces, make it lower case, and append For example to send to the screen name A User you would
address your mail to au…

To send mail from America Online to the Internet you simply put the
Internet address in the To: field on the regular mail form. In a
previous post the question was posed as to whether or not there are
‘special’ gateways for Compuserve, MCI Mail etc. The answer is no,
there are not. For some of the more popular services abbreviations
have been created; for example to send to a Compuserve user you can
use the address 123.4567@cis. Additional information can be found on
America Online by using the keyword InetBeta. There is no additional
charge for using the Internet mail gateway. Mail is limited to around
27k bytes in both directions.

What was (X) called?

Cracked by shrik , dheeraj , Jean Valjean , Ananth , Raghuvansh , Martin , p vs np , Ayyappa , sand , madhur , udupendra and sidsen.


This was the first mail posted to USENET from an AOL account. A year after this (sep ’93) AOL allowed anyone/everyone to post to USENET. Bitter oldtimers then complained that the newbies had no sense of etiquette and generally made life hell for everyone. This whole saga was referred to as the Eternal September, since, they claim, USENET never really recovered from this influx of users, and was ruined forever.

14 Responses to “Please log off”

  1. shrik

    I think this was the first ever posting by an AOL user. X is Eternal September, or The September That Never Ended.

    Could put additional fundaes, but I don’t think any more is needed :)

  2. shrik

    Edit to above: first posting on USENET by an AOL user.

    Addendum to above: September 93 saw an influx of AOL users into Usenet.

  3. dheeraj

    eternal September…
    Increase in the number of newbies who were new to the network standards…..

  4. The Eternal September ?

  5. Ananth

    Eternal September

  6. Raghuvansh

    Eternal September

  7. Eternal September, which started when AOL offered USENET access to a whole lot of users.

  8. p vs np

    Eternal September.
    Google has supposedly picked up the scent, which was left by AOL. Bah! Humbug!

  9. Eternal September

  10. Aparna


  11. sand

    The September that never ended. AOL offering everyone rights to join usenet which pissed off the ‘old timers’ as every September a bunch of freshers joined and screwed up netiquettes.

  12. madhur

    Eternal September

  13. udupendra

    Eternal September

  14. sidsen

    eternal september

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