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December 22, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I hate the captcha on your comments page. It is disgusting and I want it to be gone.

Can you take it off? (ok.. Please! I said please. Now take it off..!)

A.  You can get rid of the captcha all by yourself.

Register and log in, you will not see the captcha.  It is that simple!

We hate the dang captcha more than you do, but it works like a charm. Ever since we added it, we have not had a single spam comment. You read it right, not even one.

2. But.. I am posting since forever and I was never a registered user. What will happen to all my hard earned points?

A. If you are registering using the name which you used to post earlier, you don’t have to worry. If you are picking a new user name, let us know in the feedback section and we will move all your points to the new user name.

3. I sent in a guest question and it did not appear on the front page!

A. We screen the questions we get for a certain level of Drama, Intrigue and Geekiness. Apart from that, we don’t post the question if we have seen it on any other blog. Sometimes we get questions that have been asked on Boiledbeans itself. We obviously cannot post such questions.

4. Where is the cake?

A. The cake is a lie!

And, Oh, BTW, Send in your guest questions to

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