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September 29, 2008


srikanth @ 10:16 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1222726591 ) Play

Simple. What it is? And why is it special?

(This time, the order doesn’t matter much, so I can’t really mess up).

Went uncracked.


Most of you got the tetris part right, but that’s not what makes it special. This is, officially, the worlds smallest ever game of Tetris, being played by “optically trapping 42 glass microspheres (1 μm diameter) in a 25 μm x 20 μm sized field under a microscope. Their positions are then steered with a computer.

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  1. ali


  2. Goyal


  3. looks like tetris!
    but exactly I guess this is a modified version of tetris(the kind of game we used to have in those hand held brick game consoles)

  4. Tetris on a CRO?

  5. Tetris!! because of the Tetris effect??

  6. akhi

    First ever tetris or something ? :-\

  7. Nakul

    The game of tetris. the earliest version?

  8. joe

    The game of life?

  9. Ananth

    Someone is playing Tetris.

    >Why it is special?
    Tetris is one of the most widely played video games. The images here can be either the earliest version (being played on a CRT) or state-of-the art, being played at nano level. :D

  10. Anonymous



  11. tetris?

  12. mandakhawke

    Building tetris?

  13. sidsen

    if i may venture a guess, since answers are not yet out. these are snapshots of the earliest version of the game, designed by Pajitnov and Gerasimov. Essentially a 2player version of the game i\’m informed that it was a bottomless-glass version of the game where two players (whose pieces fell from opposite ends of the glass) competed for space in the container. Seems what you have up here. a commerical failure, it became the genesis of tetris – by the greatest trick the americans every discovered – repackaging. If and when i have more time, i\’ll try and read up more on it but for now, let the aforesaid suffice

  14. Rahulk

    Building tetris played by using ur mobile handset….

  15. BiGFooT

    dunno if its too late…. but here goes anyways
    “World’s tiniest Tetris based on a 16F84A PIC microcontroller and a B&W camcorder viewfinder CRT. ” as quoteth by youtube

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