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July 21, 2008

Twin sisters would’ve been _much_ more interesting

srikanth @ 11:40 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1216683602 ) Play

The GQG goes on! This question is from duriel.

Identify the character in (1) and the old chap on the left in (2).

Also, who/what did (1) eventually become?

Only (partially) cracked by Tathagata Chatterjee!

Answer :

(1) is an action figure of Starkiller, the original female protagonist of the Star Wars series. Starkiller later became male (Luke Starkiller) and was then bowdlerized by the movie production company (becoming Luke Skywalker).

(2) is Ralph McQuarrie, the guy who did all the concept art (including Luke) for the original Star Wars (and the original BSG and many many other SF sagas)

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