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June 28, 2008

It’s a Rosicrucian conspiracy!

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Identify and connect to a historic document

Since this is a weekend, put full fundaes :)

Cracked by gammafunction , Goyal , Dibyo , joe , priyananda , Rohan , madhur and varuns88!


  1. Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. Thomas Coke, the 1st Earl of Leicester
  3. Armand Hammer
  4. Bill Gates 

Connect: A collection of Davinci’s scientific writings, termed the Codex Leicester. Possibly the best known among his work.

(1) was the first known owner, and it was initially named after him. Wealthy/weird industrialist (2) purchased it and named it the Codex Armand. Bill Gates recently acquired it and renamed it to the original Codex Leicester. It is now part of billg’s collection and displayed occasionally in museums and the like.

Anything Davinci related is, thanks to Dan Brown, related to the Templars. The fact that Armand Hammer had Masonic connections (check the origins of his name) adds to the whole myth. Of course, since Umberto Eco’s book, Rosicrucians seem to have trumped the Templars in secret activities; In fact, the Templars were possibly created by the RCs. Hence, Abulafia permitting, this can now be called a Rosicrucian conspiracy. (Disclaimer: all of this is wild speculation.) 

9 Responses to “It’s a Rosicrucian conspiracy!”

  1. gammafunction

    The document in question is the Codex Leicester.
    1.written by Leonardo Da Vinci
    2.named after Thomas Coke
    3.renamed as the ‘Codex Hammer’ by Armand Hammer
    4.renamed again by Bill gates to Codex Leicester on buying it from 3.

  2. Goyal

    1. Leonardo Da Vinci
    2. Thomas Coke – 1st Owner
    3. Armand Hammer – 2nd Owner
    4. Bill Gates – Current Owner

    Codex Leicester – the dairy/pages written by Leonardo Da Vinci

  3. Dibyo

    Connection is the Codex Leicester

    1. Leonardo da Vinci
    2. Thomas Coke
    3. Armand Hammer
    4. Bill Gates

  4. joe

    Codex Leicester.
    1. Leonardo Da Vinci who wrote it.
    2. Thomas Coke, Earl of L. after whom it was named and one-time owner.
    3. Armand Hammer. One-time owner, when in his possesion named Codex Hammer.
    4. Bill Gates. Present owner.

  5. priyananda

    Codex Leicester.

    1. Leonardo da Vinci, the guy who wrote it.
    2. Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester, after whom the document is named.
    3. Armand Hammer, who bought it from the Leicester estate.
    4. Bill Gates, the current owner of the document.

  6. joe

    What’s the connect to the title?

  7. Rohan

    codex leicester?

    da vinci wrote the scientific writings..
    thomas coke purchased the writings first
    armand hammer split apart the pages of the writing, which he purchased.
    bill gates( :) ) bought it and made it the most expensive book ever..

  8. madhur

    1. Leonardo da Vinci 2. Thomas Coke 3. Armand Hammer
    4. Bill Gates

    Connect: Codex Leicester collection of scientific writings by Leonardo da Vinci

  9. varuns88

    1. Da Vinci.
    2. Thomas Coke, Earl Of Leicester.
    3. Armand Hammer.
    4. Bill Gates

    Connect-> Codex Leicester,a collection of scientific writings by Da Vinci,named after Thomas Coke who purchased it in 1717.Purchased by Armand Hammer in 1980 and hence renamed as “Codex Hammer”.Bill Gates bought it in 1994 for $30.8 million,renamed back to “Codex Leicester”.

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