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June 24, 2008


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Connect the three images

Cracked by priyananda , vinayak (soon, soon…), Rajesh V , varuns88 and Rey de Vaqueiros.


Antony Garrett Lisi, a theoretical physicist unaffiliated with any major university (and for sensationalism purposes, also a surfer dude), recently proposed a Grand Unified Theory that he called An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything. Based on the E8 Lie Group, this unified field theory claims to unify all known fundamental interactions.

7 Responses to “Simple”

  1. Goyal

    Web Surfing and Tim Berners Lee??

    Though I haven’t really seen his bald pictures, they share some resemblance.

  2. priyananda

    A. Representation of E_8 Lie algebra.
    B. Surfer.
    C. Garrett Lisi.

    Garrett Lisi, a surfer unaffiliated with any major university, came up with a ‘Theory of Everything’ sometime last year, which uses E_8 structures.

  3. The E8 pattern which inspired surfer Garret Lisi’s thoery of the universe…

    PS: Hey, I see that my alter ego Vinayak K is still out there!

  4. Rajesh V

    E8, the new unified field theory.

    –Rajesh V

  5. varuns88

    An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

  6. Rey de Vaqueiros

    grand unified theory/theory of everything – the dude shown in the 3rd image is a physicist and also a surfer (surfer dude). He proposes a grand unified theory of physics (unifying the 4 fundamental forces) – he used something called the E8 group, which has a complex dimension of 248. A visualization of E8 is shown in the first image.

  7. duriel

    Surfing the Web.

    taking a wild guess here, but the guy is associated with Usenet, where the phrase originated.

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