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May 29, 2008


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Cracked (more or less) by Atul Mathew , varuns88 , Rey de Vaqueiros , Goyal , Abid , roshith , srikar , akhi , Debasish , bobo , jayanth , Dibyo , Tathagata Chatterjee , udupendra , shashank , alephnull , Prasad and abhimanyu.

In the 2003 movie The Italian Job, Lyle Green (2) claims that he was the “real” Napster, and that Shawn Fanning (1) stole the idea from him.

Things no one got: The movie also features a cameo of Shawn Fanning, who sneaks in and steals the  CD while Lyle is sleeping. That scene also has a Metallica poster in it (Metallica made a major blunder by suing Napster and alienating lots of their fans)

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  1. Atul Mathew

    1-Shawn Fanning of Napster Fame
    2-Seth Green

    In the Italian Job,Fanning plays himself and Green accuses him of stealing Napster from him.

    Atul Mathew

  2. varuns88

    1.Shawn Fanning, creator of Napster
    2.The character of Lyle/”The Real Napster”(Seth Green) in the movie The Italian Job.

    In the movie, Lyle claims that he is the real creator of Napster and Shawn Fanning stole it from him while he was napping.

  3. Rey de Vaqueiros

    Napster – shawn fanning (the original napster) and seth green from ‘italian job’ (plays a hacker, named napster?) – is this is the movie where a shawn fanning look-alike is shown stealing the idea for napster from someone?

  4. Goyal

    Shawn Fawning (Napster), Italian Job.

    A character in Italian Job (the new one) accuses Fawning of stealing the Napster idea from him

  5. Abid

    The guy on the let is Shwan Fanning of Napster

    The guy on the right is the guy who claims he is Napster guy in Italian Job ( Thx Roshith for this ;) )

    Connect : Napster

  6. roshith


    sean fanning and the guy from italian job who claims he was the original napster and fanning’s roommate

  7. shivathilak

    1) someone from metallica (cant remember his name) Lars Ulrich??
    2) from the movie Italian job. the dude with the comp claims to have invented napster and fell asleep at the comp and the code was stolen and the person who stole it names it napster cause he caught the inventor napping!

    connect: metallicas lawsuit against napster for giving away their music for free online, making the band lose miliions (atleast that was the claim)

  8. Good one!

    The first pic is a photo of – “Shawn Fanning” creator of Napster.
    The second pic is photo of “Seth Green” in the movie “Italian Job”

    The connect is – in the movie Seth claims that “Napster” idea was his and that while sleeping “Shawn Fanning” stole his idea…

  9. akhi

    1 ->Shawn Fanning , developer of “Napster” .
    2-> Seth Green in the movie, The Italian Job .

    connect -> Seth green’s character in the movie accused Shawn Fanning (who made a cameo appearance as himself) , of stealing the Napster from him while he was taking a nap , (to quote Wiki) :)

  10. Shawn Fanning.
    A Clip from The Italian Job where the computer hacker guy claims that Shawn Fanning stole Napster from him.

  11. shaun fanning; the napster – seth green in the italian job – fanning also makes a cameo as his roommate.

  12. Shawn Fanning, italian job (the movie), theres a scene in the movie which says shawn fanning stole the concept of napster from the guy in pic 2

  13. Dibyo

    Shawn Fanning & Seth Green (as Lyle in the 2003 remake of the Italian Job).

    In the movie, a flashback depicts Shawn Fanning (playing himself) stealing the program from a computer expert played by Seth Green while the latter is napping.

  14. Tathagata Chatterjee

    The connect is the 2003 film “The Italian Job”.
    Left : Shawn Fanning of Napster fame
    Right : Seth Green as “The Real Napster”.
    Both SF and SG ( as Lyle or Real Napster)appear in the film and have a confrontation.
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  15. udupendra

    Shawn Fanning (pic 1) of Napster fame makes a cameo in The Italian Job where he is accused by Seth Green (pic 2)who uses the handle Napster, of stealing the name from him.

  16. Napster

    1. Shawn Fanning
    2. The guy in Italian Job who claims to have came up with the Napster idea.

  17. alephnull

    I am embarrassed to know this one. Shawn Fanning on the left and the idiot who claimed that Shawn stole the Napster idea from him in “Swordfish”, which was the crappiest movie of 2001.

  18. Prasad

    The Italian Job.
    1 is Shawn Fanning, the guy who created Napster.
    According to the movie, Shawn Fanning stole the software from its original creator, the dude in 2. And the name Napster is supposed to be a play on him (in the movie he steals it when the guy is sleeping at his machine).

  19. The second image is from Italian Job, in which this guy claims that Shawn Fanning (first image) stole the idea of Napster from him in college.

  20. RajT

    Ivy League/MIT drop outs in movies?

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