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February 28, 2008

Humble origins

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(1) has been doing the rounds on the internet lately. Logically extending it, I stumbled across the device (2)

Identify (2), and put fundaes connecting(1) and (2).

Madan, thanks for pointing me towards 1 :-) All the rest of you, keep sending stuff in to!

Cracked by: jayanth , Anon, shivathilak , madhur , duriel , udupendra , and yaksha

Answer: (2) is the Jacquard loom. It is possibly the earliest example of a device programmable via an external storage device (i.e. Punch cards). All the famous punch-card computers, starting from Babbage’s analytical engine itself, were inspired by the Jacquard loom.

(1) has an ancient IBM 1GB drive, and a dude holding up a 1GB SD card on the top right, just examples of storage devices.

9 Responses to “Humble origins”

  1. (2) is the programmable Jacquard’s loom.. used punched card readers.. early form of storage.. like the hard disk compared to the flash card in pic (1)

  2. Anonymous

    2) Punched cards in use in a Jacquard loom.

    1) the guy is holding a 1 gb SD card and the big thing is also a one gb storage device, just verrrry old.

    the funda is punch cards were used to program devices and the first such use was the jacquard loom. the holes in the punch card were a kinda momory for storing the programs. it progressed to vacuum tubes and now the SD card.

  3. shivathilak

    2) Punched cards in use in a Jacquard loom.
    1) one GB memory in the form of an SD card and some kinda huge vacuum tube storage or something.

    funda is that 2 i.e the punch cards were the first form of storing memory to program devices such as the loom and has progressed to the vacuum tube and SD card shown in 1.

  4. Dibyo

    2 is a punched card based loom style computer, which connects to 1 in terms of being used for census/voting kind of things?

  5. madhur

    (2) Programmable Jacquard loom

  6. pratap

    The first hard drive and the first punched card reader?

  7. duriel

    2 is the Jacquard Loom.
    1 is some sort of storage device? some flash disk held near it. so old storage device…size becoming smaller.

    I think the funda is that mechanical devices slowly became electronic. like the loom, now there are electronically programmed looms, without punchcards.
    and similarly, solid state storage…

  8. udupendra

    Jacquard Loom, use of punched cards.

  9. yaksha

    2> jacquard loom
    One of the earliest implementations of a digital system is attributed to Jacquard in 1801

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