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February 26, 2008

No cabal, no elites

srikanth @ 10:58 am, GMT +0000 ( 1204023506 ) Play

This one’s a guest question from duriel (Thanks dude)… Keep ’em coming to

These images represent the final six stages/levels in something. What is it?

144a6534b5f771d54f2f6cf5663c6426.jpg8c526425fbb11c548415cdedae22dae5.jpgcb8751431bed9025e90c8179b752caab.jpg 84858e937494a8ffd0b4071e92dbd6b5.jpg 507902d58a880fbabae01e2587967650.jpg cd93b5ce95bb9eaee046c4db3dcf91bf.jpg

Cracked by: jayanth and shashank.

Answer: The Wikipedia Service awards. Strangely enough, these are for people to award to themselves…

7 Responses to “No cabal, no elites”

  1. nishansolo

    The Dying Earth Fantasy short stories by Jack Vance.

  2. shivathilak

    hey!! yo! yesterdays questions shows the six people of battle star galactica question posted earlier…atleast it did so in my browser.. :(

  3. shivathilak

    today its showing the places…

  4. duriel

    ah well, so much for everybody’s runlength :D
    so, time for a new beginning.

    Wikipedia:Service awards.
    These books can be displayed by users ranging from Veteran Editor (Tutnum) to Master Editor (Complete and Perfect Tutnum of the Encyclopedia). Its sorta like a ‘badge of honor’

    erased text is “Jimbo” needs advice.

  5. Veteran Editor (or Tutnum),Veteran Editor II (or Grand Tutnum),Veteran Editor III (or Splendid and Majestic Tutnum),Veteran Editor IV (or Lord High Tutnum),Senior Editor (or Grand and Glorious Tutnum of the Encyclopedia),Master Editor (or Complete and Perfect Tutnum of the Encyclopedia).

    wikipedia Service awards.

  6. Wikipedia editor service awards

  7. srikanth

    shivathilak: That’s quite surprising… I’m not at all sure how such a thing could happen. If you do run into such a thing again, can you drop us a note to We’ll look into it and try to fix…

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