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January 23, 2008

Someone call Bruce Willis!

srikanth @ 9:48 am, GMT +0000 ( 1201081693 ) Play

This man (1) was part of a team that developed something (say, X) that made (2) possible. Identify 1 and 2 and name X.

  1. c492a6f4c8417d8cda85dd89ca3d68ab.jpg
  2. cad23deef6d3c03efd35025fd5421b6d.jpg

(Don’t bother being too specific. It’s enough if you can give me the “overall” contribution of (1)’s team to (2))

Cracked by:shyam , Shakeel , duriel , yaksha , udupendra and sidsen.

Answer: 1) Vint Cerf (while talking a Bangalore, BTW)
2) An artist’s rendering of The Deep Impact mission

Vint Cerf at team were part of the working group that developed the network protocols that help the Deep Impact probe to communicate with it’s base station, and the station to communicate with earth. More generically, they’re working on the so called Interplanetary Internet, a set of protocols to help communication over the vastness of space.

9 Responses to “Someone call Bruce Willis!”

  1. shyam

    Vint Cerf, NASA’s interplanetary internet ?

  2. Shakeel

    1) Vinton G Cerf–Father of Internet
    2) Deep Impact Mission Of NASA

    Cerf as part of InterPlanetary Internet Special Interest Group developed CFDP which is CCSDS File Delivery Protocol,used on the comet mission Deep Impact.

  3. duriel

    1. Vinton Cerf. The internet guy.

    2. Artist’s concept of “Deep Impact” space program. It involved collision of a space probe with a comet. poor poor comet :(

    X: Interplanetary Internet. (Vint Cerf is associated with interplanetary internet)

    The interplanetary internet concept was used for communication in the Deep Impact Project.

    Specifically, CFDP (CCSDS File Delivery Protocol) was used for reliable message transfer between ground station and space probe.

    Deep Impact is supposed to answer “basic questions about the how the solar system formed”. lol…

    The “Bruce willis” clue: Armageddon(movie), which leads to Deep Impact(movie), leads to Deep impact ( space program).

  4. Atul Mathew

    Vint Cerf

    Asteroid Collision Avoidance?

  5. yaksha

    Internet pioneer Vincent Cerf is working with NASA to develop ways to extend Internet networking into deep space
    Cerf reportedly is a strong believer in space colonization and thinks it’s only a matter of time before humans are living on other worlds — and want to send e-mail. [/rip]

  6. udupendra

    Vinton Cerf, Deep Impact Mission

    Vinton Cerf and team -> Interplanetary Internet at NASA’s JPL -> CCSDS File Delivery Protocol -> Deep Impact Mission

  7. sidsen

    vint cerf – Jet Propulsion Laboratory and IPN Special Interest Group – deep impact – intergalactic internet

  8. Dibyo

    2 is an artists impression of Deep Impact, the NASA space mission.

    1 is probably Gerhard Schwem, who helped develop the Rosetta space mission, which took photographs of Deep Impact.

    1 might also be someone who had something to do with MRI imaging, or CCD devices for imaging. Couldn’t figure it out for sure.

  9. nishas thambi

    The InterPlanetary Internet study at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was started by a team of scientists at JPL led by Vinton Cerf and launched on deep impact.

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