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November 23, 2007

Quite pessimistic

srikanth @ 11:04 am, GMT +0000 ( 1195815865 ) Play

Connect the images to one of the greatest geek culture icons of all time.

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Cracked by: teju, VikraM, prasanth, udupendra, Mahesh, Madan, Gammafunction, Shreyas, Biki, sidsen, and nisha’s thambi.

Answer: The signature on top makes it a bit obvious, but it was intentional.  These are machine code listings from Mel Kaye, who used to code on an LGP30 in the Royal McBee computer corporation. The “Real programmers” series of messages/memes originated from the hacks that this guy used to pull off. See “The story of mel” on the jargon file for more info :)

15 Responses to “Quite pessimistic”

  1. teju

    Mel Kaye

  2. VikraM

    Mel Kaye, the Real Programmer..

  3. prasanth

    Mel kayes

  4. udupendra

    Unless I am missing something, it’s Mel Kaye of the story of Mel fame – but why would you show a visual with the name not even blanked out?

  5. Mahesh

    Mel Kaye, the legendary programmer who programmed in binary. He wokred on the LGP-30, The pictures above are of programs written for LGP-30.

    He called his time-delay location as “most pessimum”.

    Read more about “The Story of Mel” in

  6. Madan

    ANS: Mel Kaye

  7. Gammafunction

    This is about Mel Kaye- the archetypal ‘real’ programmer-the guy who wrote in pure unadorned machine code.He introduced the funda of relativistic optimality The original prose version here:

    After countless hours of skulduggery in Mu:P and Mu:C this guy’s skills seem godly.

    “every single instruction was followed by a GO TO!
    Put that in Pascal’s pipe and smoke it.”

  8. Goutham

    Donald Knuth

  9. Goutham

    He would pay 2.56$ for every mistake found in TAOCP

  10. Shreyas

    Mel Kaye – The Real Programmer

  11. Biki

    mel kaye ..”real programming”

  12. sidsen

    mel kaye

  13. yaksha

    The LGP-30, standing for Librascope General Purpose and then Librascope General Precision

    ACT-III programming language

  14. nishas thambi

    Mel Kaye

  15. Ganesh Prasad

    Mel Kaye

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