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November 19, 2007

Of plums and gold

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Question 3 of 5 from the theme round. Be sure to read the rules in that post carefully!

What’s the missing number 4 in the series below?

1 – 84bca69ddea148810983fe0dc5470455.jpg 2 – faa43a0844ec4a92fb4811399ac9e901.jpg 3 – d14d632dba483fb6c59bf457ede9a736.gif

4 – ??

5 – 032b2cc936860b03048302d991c3498f.jpg

Cracked by: nisha’s thambi , VikraM , iamniks , Gammafunction , Tathagata Chatterjee , sidsen , deepak , Abhishek , alephnull , bobo , yaksha , prasanth , udupendra, and Keerthi Kiran M.

bobo, sidsen, Gammafunction and nisha’s thambi got the theme! 1 point for the answer + 2 points for the theme added to their totals :-)

Models of the atom and how they evolved through the years:
1) John Dalton’s atomic theory
2) JJ Thompson’s plum-pudding model of the atom
3) Rutherfords model of the atom, from the gold-sheet experiment
4) Bohr’s model of the atom (discrete electron orbits!)
5) Current model of the atom with the concept of electron clouds around a nucleus, based on Heisenberg’s theories.

The answer: Bohr’s model of the atom.

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