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October 28, 2007


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Physics dudes rejoice! This question is ideally suited for you. Connect:





Identify them all for bonus points. Clue: This list is, currently, exhaustive.

Cracked by: Goutham , vaibhav008 , alephnull , Keerthi Kiran M , iamniks , Quehin , prasanth , Tathagata Chatterjee , Gammafunction , 2ndratequizzer and SidSen.

Answer: Modern physics explains most phenomena through four fundamental forces, or interactions – The strong force, electromagnetism, the weak force and gravity. The 4 sets in the question are pictures of the people who are most recognized for their work on understanding these forces.

1) Maxwell – Electromagnetism
2) Moo-Young Han, Oscar W. Greenberg and Yoichiro Nambu – Quantum chromodynamics, explaining the strong force
3) Glasgow, Salam and Weinberg – The weak force (Won the Nobel in 1979 for it)
4) Isaac Newton – Gravity :)

14 Responses to “Fundamental”

  1. Goutham

    Unification of the fundamental forces?
    Newton,Maxwell,Abdus salem(already given)

  2. vaibhav008

    The Fundamental interactions:

    1. electromagnetism — james maxwell

    2.  strong interaction (quantum chromodynamics / color charge) — moo young han, oscar greenberg, yoichiro nambu

    3. weak interaction (electroweak thoery) — sheldon glashow, abdus salam, steven weinberg

    4. gravitation — isaac newton

  3. alephnull

    The four fundamental forces ? Gravitation, weak interaction, strong interaction and electromagnetism.

  4. shivathilak

    They are are all physicists, who did work on electromagnetism and the sort, basically work on weak nuclear forces and all that. not sure about the connect but the first one is Issac Newton and the ones above him disproved his theories on electromagnetic forces or some such…

  5. Keerthi Kiran M

    Four fundamental forces of nature?
    Maxwell – Electric Force
    X,Y,Z – Strong Force? (Guessing)
    SG, AS, SW – Weak Force
    Newton – Gravity

  6. Shakeel

    The connect (broadly) is Quantum Chromodynamics.(QCD)
    First from top  is James Clerk Maxwell.
    Second in line (from left) are Moo-Young Han,Yoichiro Nambu,Oscar W GreenBerg.
    Third are as given Sheldon Glashow,Abdus Salam,and Steven Weinberg.
    Last is the great Sir Issac Newton.
                             Newton was the first to propose the seven color theory where he told that any color could be derived from those 7.Maxwell jumped in and told that the primary colors were in fact 3 (RGB).
                            Quantum Physics somewhow makes a connect here.In 1965 Moo-Young Han,Yoichiro Nambu,Oscar W GreenBerg,in order to resolve the problem of quarks violating the Pauli principle,proposed that quraks have addidtional degree of freedom called SU(3) gauge degree of freedom (now called Color charge).
                              By this color charge,one can say that  
    that a quark's color can take one of three values: "red", "green", or "blue".The "color" of quarks and gluons has nothing to do with the visual perception of color; rather, it is a whimsical name for a property.This could be the reference to Maxwells color wheel.
                                 The trio who won Nobel Prize ,later contributed with this understanding to propose unification of the weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles.This was accomplished under the SU(2) group,which relates to the degree of freedom of Quarks.

  7. iamniks

     In modern physics, there are four fundamental interactions (forces): gravitation, electromagnetism, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction …

    snap 1) james clerk maxwell — worked on electromagnetism
    snap 2) Moo-Young Han with Yoichiro Nambu and Oscar W. Greenberg — worked on strong interaction
    snap 3) Sheldon GlashowAbdus salam and Steven Weinberg  — worked on weak interaction
    snap 4) Isaac newton — worked on gravitation

  8. Quehin

    Fundamental forces (electromagnetic, strong, weak, gravitational).
    1. Maxwell
    2.  ? , Jeferry Goldstone(?), Yoichiro Nambu
    3. Sheldon Glashow, Abdus Salam, Weinberg
    4. Newton.

  9. prasanth

    1) James clerk maxwell
    2) moo young han, greenberg, yoichiro nambu
    3)sheldon, abdus, weinberg
    4) Newton

    connect: Fundamental Interaction

  10. Tathagata Chatterjee

    The connection is : The 4 fundamental forces or the 4 fundamental interactions; namely :1)   Electromagnetic : Visual of James Clarke Maxwell. His equations quantified the unification of electricity and magnetism.2)   Strong :  Visuals of Dr Moo Yang Han, Oscar W Greenberg and Yoichiro Nambu. These guys are the pioneers in Quantum chromodynamics. They proposed the theory of “colour charge”.3)   Weak : Visuals of Glashow, Salam and Weinberg. These guys proposed the standard model of particle physics wherein they described the electromagnetic interaction and the weak interaction as two different aspects of a single electroweak interaction4)   Gravity : Visual of Isaac Newton  ( His Laws of Universal Gravitation was a good attempt in explaining general behavior of gravity)

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  11. Gammafunction

    All connected to the four fundamental interactions of physics
    2.Strong force(interaction)-Masatoshi Koshiba,…,…
    3.weak force(interaction)-Glashow,Salaam,Weinberg
    4.gravitation -Newton

  12. This deals with the fundamental forces in physics.

    some of these people can be unambiguously identified with the great "Unifications" that have taken place so far in physics.

    James Clerk Maxwell – Electricity and Magnetism = Electromagnetism

    These three dudes seem to be Moo-Young Han, Oscar W. Greenberg and Yoichiro Nambu  – who laid the basis for colour change in quarks which is the basis for the Strong Interaction. (that was aaaaarbit !)

    Abdus Salam, Stephen Wienberg, Sidney Glashow – Electromagnetic and weak force = electroweak force

    Issac Newton – gravity. and mechanical force (?) :D

  13. Prasad

    All famous scientists who got hit on their heads by apples?

    Hmm…The force tells me the connect is the weak electric force or the Unified Field Theory…

  14. sidsen

    fundamental forces of nature and the great unifying theory which unifies us all. electromagnetic force, strong force, weak force, gravitational force. james maxwell, masatoshi koshiba, raymond davis jr., sheldon lee glashow, abdus salam, steven weinberg, issac newton.  I haven't had this much fun finding an answer i still have NO clue about whatsoever. stunning stuff.

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