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September 24, 2007

Problems posting comments?

srikanth @ 9:57 am, GMT +0000 ( 1190627824 ) Play

Some of you are facing a lot of trouble with posting comments. They just don’t show up after you post them.

This is definitely a problem on the site, and we’re working to fix this ASAP! Till then, if your post doesn’t show up, please do mail us at boiledbeans[at]gmail[dot]com. We have a way of recovering them from that great /dev/null in the sky, and we will post them up here.

For all of you who’ve lost comments on the past couple of questions, we’re recovering those too. And we’ll be adding them to your scores if you got them right.

Sorry for all the trouble, but this blog, like the tech industry, seems to be governed by Murphy’s law.

We think we’ve fixed the problem. All your comments (including the older ones) should be showing up  properly now. Apologies for the mess, and thanks a lot for putting up with it :-)

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