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September 8, 2007

No cakes this day!

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Look closely in the above pic

And since we do not want you to start looking for connects in deep relativity principles, here is a clue to streamline your quest


udupendra , nihit , srikanth , Ganesh Prasad , jayanth , yaksha , prabhu_dc , Shashank got the answer right.
There was one intricate detail which everybody missed :)

The connect is Pi(approximation) day which is celebrated on March 14th every year (generally by giving out free pies).

1.  Is a very famous picture of Albert Einstein taken on his 72th birthday( everyone missed this) and his birthday is on March 14th.
2.  Larry Shaw, the dude who started the Pi Day funda
3. Depiction of a solution to Buffon’s Needle problem, called Lazzarini’s estimate, which lets people asymptotically approximate pi by tossing needles on parallel lines. ( Shamelessly flicking srikanth’s answer)

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