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August 22, 2007

“Bond” the images

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For all the chemistry fans. Connect images 1,2 and 3

1. b4026ce159c66b1863731ae67d8a1e36.jpg

2.bd5ebd3c03c887e705998a02f194d0e6.jpeg and 3.00f6a9b5fd17fd8fa37819fb7a929ac2.gif

and if you still are looking for hints, try


Perfect answer:
Srikanth, jayanth, Bikiran Goswami, Jayanth Srinivasa, udupendra, asha, Shashank

Acceptably Correct:
Sumant, Mahesh Herle, Keerthi, Prasad ( deceived by the simplicity huh? ), piezocake, yaksha, anuj

Almost/half correct:
Archana, Sidsen, prabhu_dc

p.s: I hate chemistry :)

Read more for the Answer
1. Linus Pauling. Won the Nobel Prize for pioneering work in chemical bonding ( 3 ).
He is the only person to win two Nobel prizes that were not shared with another recipient ( he won one for peace later).

2. Linus Torvalds – He was named after Linus Pauling

3. Benzene ring: Pauling’s “resonance” theory.

and the extra hint 4 was just to help you get to the name “Linus”. ( See udupendra’s comment )
He is Linus van Pelt from the Peanuts.
and the “Bond” in the title was to just give you hint about which concept in chemistry we were talking about.

19 Responses to ““Bond” the images”

  1. Srikanth

    1. Linus Pauling
    2. Linus Torvalds
    3. Benzene’s Valence bonding – More generically, chemical bonding – A field that Pauling more-or-less pioneered

    4. Linus from the comic strip Peanuts

    2, and 4 were inspired from 1. 3’s something 1 worked on.

  2. jayanth

    ok the connect is “linus”, i.e 1) is linus pauling, he worked on benzene(3).. think he came up with the orbitals or pi bonds or something.. Linus tovalds(2) is apparently named after Linus pauling (or so wiki claims).. and finally the character from peanuts is also called linus..

  3. Biki

    Connect: LINUS
    1. linus pauling
    2. linus torvalds
    3. benzene
    4. character called Linus van pelt from the comic strip peanuts

    linus pauling gave the resonance structure of benzene molecule, linus tovalds was named after the nobel prize winning chemist linus pauling, though he claimed that his name was partly inspired from the cartoon character linus from the comic strip peanuts ….

  4. Jayanth Srinivasa

    1> Linus Pauling
    2> Linus Trovalds
    3> Benzene bonds …
    4> Linus ( from the Peanut comic strip)

    Linus Trovalds claims he is named after Linus Pauling, though he claims he was named after Linus in the Peanut comic strip

  5. Sumant

    Linus Pauling
    Linus Torvalds

    Just namesakes or were a couple of them named after the third?

  6. Mahesh Herle

    The scientist is Linus Pauling who got a “Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work describing the nature of chemical bonds.” The third image is that of bondings in benzene, which is what Pauling worked on. Pauling and Torvalds share common first name.

  7. Keerthi

    the guy in (A) is Linus Pauling. The link is (B) Linus Torvalds and (C) Pauling’s discovery of Hybridization of Molecules

  8. Keerthi

    Add to prev… the title suggests the bond. and the hint is the peanuts comic’s character who has this immense bonding to his blanket

  9. Prasad

    Come on..Seriously?!..
    Ok..the first names,Linus.
    Dude no 1 is Linus Pauling, who worked on (Benzene clue 3)
    Dude no 2 should be Linus Torvalds
    And the extra clue would be Linus Van Pelt.

  10. udupendra

    1. is Linus Pauling.

    2. is Linus Torvalds, named after Linus Pauling

    3. is the structure of Benzene, highlighting the concept of resonance. The whole theory of resonance in chemical bonding was put forth by Linus Pauling, and it was initially proposed to explain the structure of benzene.

    4. is the Peanuts character Linus van Pelt. Some say he was named in tribute to Linus Pauling. (Charles Schultz denies this) Some say Linus Torvalds was named after him (Torvalds denies this). So his only connection to the question would be his first name, and hence he has been relegated to the lowly position of ‘hint’.

  11. asha

    That’s Linus Pauling-Nobel prize in Chemistry for work on chemical bonds,
    And Linus Torvalds
    Quoting Torvalds – “I think I was named equally for Linus the peanut-cartoon character,” noting that this makes him half “Nobel-prize-winning chemist” and half “blanket-carrying cartoon character.”

  12. piezocake

    Linus Pauling, Torvalds, one of Pauling’s attempt at a structure, one of the characters in C&H.

    So, “Linus”.

  13. yaksha

    chemist and physicist

  14. yaksha

    But I’m no Chemistry fan! [:p]

  15. Archana

    Pic 1 : Linus Pauling
    Pic 2 : ??
    Pic 3 : Structure of benzene
    connection : Linus Pauling gave a description of aromatic hydrocarbons, specifically benzene (using quantum mechanics), which was later named as resonance.

  16. sidsen

    linus pauling, torvald and van pelt i get. benzene i don’t.

  17. Linus Pauling is the guy in pic – 1.
    Pauling did major breakthrough in BENZENE ring bond orientations. Following is an excerpt from wiki.
    “He had treated it as a rapid interconversion between two structures, each with alternating single and double bonds, but with the double bonds of one structure in the locations where the single bonds were in the other.”

  18. Linus Pauling -> Linus Torvalds was named after him by his folks. Pauling one a Nobel for his work on chemical bonds.

    ps I hate chemistry!

  19. Shashank

    1. Linus Pauling
    2. Linus Trovalds
    3. Benzene Molecule
    4. Linus ( From peanuts )

    1-2-4 : The name Linus
    1-3: Pauling gave a “resonating” structure for benzene.

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