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June 10, 2009


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What’s the connection?

Cracked, more or less, by udupendra , Dibyo , Advaith , Joshan , Raghuvansh and jayanth.


Unix(1)’s browser was named  Mozilla, a reference to GodZilla(2). The rival to Unix was Plan 9(3), whose browser was hence named after Godzilla’s rival Mothra (4).

10 Responses to “Rawr.”

  1. udupendra

    The browser on the Plan 9 OS is called Mothra, a reference to Mozilla (Mosaic + Godzilla) the browser of choice for most GUI users on Unix distros

  2. Rahulk

    Connection is Plan 9 from Bell Labs

    Developers at Bell Labs have this habit of choosing names that makes people (especially marketeers) gawk in disbelief and provide kool fundas for geeks like us….

    Unix connection :- Unix editor is called ed hence they called their editor as jim and the second one as sam which is short for Samantha

    Godzilla connection :- Since Mozilla is a portmanteau of Godzilla and Mosaic , therefore Plan 9 second web browser is called Mothra after the kaizu monster

    Plan 9 mascot connection :- Plan 9 from Bell Labs is derived from the technically adept, milestone setting movie — Plan 9 from Outer Space ( which sets the benchmark for most of the Academy Awards winning movies like Citizen Kane)

    As an additional dedication for Ed Wood (a.k.a the Da Vinci of film-making) the mascot of Plan 9 from Bell Labs is named as the Glenda Bunny in reference to the masterpiece of a movie , Glen or Glenda ( maybe the bunny part was dedication for Playboy bunnies)

  3. Dibyo

    Is this about how Mozilla (from Mosaic and Godzilla)’s counterpart in Plan 9 is Mothra?

    That’s the unix license plate, but I’m not sure if there’s anything else to it.

  4. Advaith


  5. Joshan

    Mothra…..web browser of Plan 9..

  6. Is it the Mozilla Public License by any chance? Plan 9\’s touted as a successor to Unix and uses the MPL… dunno about the giant moth thing

  7. Raghuvansh

    Unix’s browser Mozilla was named after Godzilla while Plan 9’s browser Mothra was named after, well, Mothra.

  8. Logik

    The successor to Unix is Plan9, both OS’s from Bell labs.

    Mozilla is the browser on Unix – Mosaic + Godzilla.
    Mothra is the browser on Plan9, which is yet another funky japanese monster.

  9. OS:browser


    Plan 9: mothra

  10. Rithwik K

    The successor to Unix is Plan9 Mozilla (from Mosaic and Godzilla)’s

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