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September 19, 2008

Hello, Hola, Hoi..

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Which common quality connects?

Cracked by: gammafunction , Phani , shenoyvarun86 , nihit , akhi , pinaki sarkar , anirudh , madhur , udupendra , Kamal Rathi , Goyal , Achilles , abdulla , bhootha , piezocake.


Both are “polyglots”.

Multilinugal which is although correct, was not what I was looking for. But since it is on the same lines, points given.

16 Responses to “Hello, Hola, Hoi..”

  1. gammafunction

    The connect is Polyglot.

    The script above is Written by Vadim Antonov which compiles in 4 languages

    The man in the pic-PV Narasimha Rao-who could speak 13 languages including 6 foreign languages.

  2. Phani

    The code says Happy New Year in 4 languages…
    The man could say Happy New Year in 13 languages(wow!)

  3. Both are polyglots!
    PVN-13 languages with fluency similar to that of natives
    and googling reveals that the program runs in 4 languages with same effect
    Beauty question I say!

  4. nihit

    Both are multilingual…

  5. akhi

    that code could run on four different languages and rao could speak 13 languages ? :-\

  6. pinaki sarkar

    polyglot is the connection

  7. anirudh

    Works with multiple languages??

  8. madhur

    Connect: polyglot

  9. udupendra

    That script is a valid script in C, Fortran, csh, and sh and gives the same output (‘Happy New Year’) in all these 4 languages. Such scripts are called ‘polyglots’. And PV, of course was a famous polyglot well versed in more than a dozen languages.

  10. I think the connection is Polyglot.

    The GNU program in the first pic shows that Happy New year can be written in 4 languages with the same effect.
    Late P.V.Narasimha Rao could 13 Languages.

    Dunno if its correct…but thats all i could think of ;)

  11. Goyal


    The program above would function the same way in 4 languages..

    PV knew amazing amount of languages!

  12. Ananth

    The program will compile on C and Pascal and run on csh and bash without any errors.
    1 program multiple languages.

  13. Achilles

    Connect is polyglot.
    Happy New year ‘polyglot’ in 4 languages.
    Narasimha Rao is also a polyglot who is said to know 17 languages.

  14. Polyglot code.
    A Human Hyper-polyglot.

  15. bhootha

    Multi lingual
    PVN knew 13 languages

  16. piezocake


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