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May 28, 2008

I am a bird..

devadutta @ 10:09 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1212012570 ) Play

Identify and connect to “Web 2.0”.

Identify and tell us what it does the “Web 2.0” way.

Goyal , varuns88 got what I was looking for.  akhi , Dibyo gave alternate correct answers.


Phoenix Mars lander has a twitter feed and facebook page. This is the first spacecraft to have its own twitter feed. I was under an impression that the spaceccraft directly posts to twitter from Mars, but apparently it does not. The team down here in JPL post on its behalf :)

The secondlife and connects are acceptably correct.

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  1. The Phenix Mars Rover. Phoenix is also a web-basd Image Editor from aviary.

  2. Goyal

    The landing was tracked on Twitter by the team?

  3. akhi

    Phoenix .
    Live coverage of phoenix’s decent on the martian surface was beamed on (and may be other sites as well ?) , which was regarded as “web 2.0 at its best ” (quoting from a comment on digg)

  4. Abid

    Phoenix Mars Lander

    There is some kinda DVD in it which is a collection of a lot of stuff

    Guess people from all over the world contributed the content for the DVD in Web 2.0 way ( Like wiki )

  5. duriel

    Mars Phoenix Mission

    web 2.0 way? maybe this:

    developed by loads of people all over the world (many universities were involved).

  6. varuns88

    Phoenix lander.

    and the connect is the SecondLife simulcast of the landing?

  7. svgreatest

    This is the Phoenix spacecraft, which landed on Mars recently. This has a DVD called ‘Phoenix DVD’,made of silica glass, which contains multimedia and literature about Mars.

  8. Dibyo

    University of Arizona “Phoenix” mission.

    Over 250,000 users watched the mission control proceedings on NASA TV, with more than 50,000 connecting simultaneously. It was also ‘broadcasted’ on Second Life.

    There are also messages directly addressed to future Martian visitors or settlers from, among others, Carl Sagan and Arthur C. Clarke. In 2006, The Planetary Society collected a quarter million names submitted through the Internet and placed them on the disc, which claims, on the front, to be “the first library on Mars”.

  9. varuns88

    On second thoughts, I think the connect lies in the fact that Phoenix has it’s own Facebook and Twitter profiles.

  10. Image of “Mars Rover” or “Mars EXplorer”

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