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June 26, 2011

A ‘grand’ old man.

srikanth @ 11:59 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1309132792 ) Play

Hello intrepid quizzers! Today is a landmark day in the history of Boiledbeans :) Those of you who’ve been keeping track of the scores would have noticed this already.

Dibyo has just scored ONE THOUSAND POINTS!

Congratulations Mr. Dibyo! This is no mean feat, and we at BB really appreciate the effort! It’s always great to see people regularly coming onto BB to answer questions and really encourages us to keep posting.

Dibyo gets a star of honor – an achievement badge plus a special badge that we’ll apply shortly.

Today’s question is also dedicated to Dibyo!

The box in the map below points out a special path. Which vehicle holds the record for the fastest crossing of this path (albeit inaccurate)?

Cracked by: Ananth , SV , Urthstripe , dineshk , Rogi , shrey , Sumanth Patlolla , username , dhruv , jowens , Dibyo , grey_matters , Nagendra U M , anurag , raklodramA , Raghuvansh , Thejas V R , Mod , udupendra , krudebox , Siddarth Pai , Logik , Ebzhent , jins , shrik , sandeep bhat , Manish Achuth , dirty-i and Prasad

The Millennium Falcon – Han Solo’s ship from Star Wars – completed the “Kessel Run” in 12 parsecs (ridiculous as that sounds).

Points assigned by AutoRaja. Review by lazy humans pending.

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