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September 1, 2009


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(1) composed (2) in 1902. It shot to fame much more recently when someone started using it, specifically the part that is muted out in the clip. What is (2) now more famous as?

Cracked by Goutham DL , shenoyvarun86 , MKen_ , achyuth , Dibyo , Divya , shrik , Manish Mani , Chinmaya U.Holla , Debasish , udupendra , AmK , Vardhan Shenoy , vardhans94 , Rithwik K , sidsen , Rogi , Aditya , varuns88 , satyeki , Hitesh T S , Logik , xtremevarun and abhijeet

shenoyvarun86 points out that he’d already asked this question (to which fact I shall claim ignorance :p). :-)


Francisco Tarrega’s Gran Vals. Some bigshots at Nokia picked this up and made the famous Nokia tune out of the muted out notes.

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  1. Goutham DL

    Nokia tune by Francisco Tarrega

  2. Francesco Tarrega, Nokia tune!

    Here is anpther way to frame the question Virtuoso Composer

  3. 1.Francisco Tarrega
    2. Nokia used it and particular phrase which is muted here is Grande Valse or Gran Vals. Which is the the first identifiable musical ring tone on a mobile phone

  4. 1 is Francesco Tortega, and 2 is Gran Vals, now known to us as the Nokia tune.

  5. Dibyo

    (2) is the Nokia tune is a phrase from a composition for solo guitar, Gran Vals, by Francisco Tárrega (1)

  6. Divya

    Its the now famous Nokia tune. It was originally from his \\\\\\\’Gran Vals\\\\\\\’

  7. shrik

    Francisco Tárrega (1) composed Gran Vals in 1902. A piece was clipped out of it and used by Nokia as the “Nokia tune” – the default ringtone on Nokia cellphones.

  8. Manish Mani

    Nokia Tune.

    Composer is Francisco Tarrega

  9. Chinmaya U.Holla

    Nokia tune by Francisco Tarrega

  10. Francisco Tárrega who composed Gran Vals which became the Nokia tune

  11. udupendra

    The Nokia tune

  12. AmK

    Francisco Tarrega (1) composed Gran Vals, which is now known as the “Nokia tune” or Nokia ringtone

  13. Vardhan Shenoy

    (1)Francisco Tarrega composed Gran Vals from which the muted section(Nokia tune) was used by Nokia for promotion

    (2)Nokia tune – from measures 14-17

  14. vardhans94

    (1)Francisco Tarrega composed Grans Vals from which the Nokia tune(muted) was used by Nokia for promotion

    (2)Nokia Tune -from measures 14-17

  15. vardhans94

    (1)Francisco Tarrega composed Grans Vals from which the Nokia tune(muted section) was used by Nokia for promotion

    (2)Nokia Tune -from measures 14-17

  16. Francisco Tárrega – composer of what has been claimed to be \

  17. composer of Nokia tune

  18. sidsen

    francisco tarrega – gran vals – nokia tune

  19. Rogi

    Nokia tune

  20. Francisco Tárrega composed Gran Vals in 1902. It is now used as the default tune on practically all Nokia phones, with subtle variations. It is commonly known as the Nokia tune.

  21. varuns88

    I’m guessing, the nokia tune.

  22. gran vals, Fransisco Tarrega and ore famous as the nokia tune

  23. Hitesh T S

    Gran Vals by Francisco Tarrega. Now known as Nokia tune

  24. Logik

    1 is Francisco Tarrega
    2 is Gran Vals

    I’ll guess 2 is now popularly known as the Nokia tune.

  25. xtremevarun

    The Nokia Tune :) remembered this clip..from one quiz conducted by seniors in RVCE for biotech dept…

  26. piezocake


  27. piezocake

    er.. the sound probably isn’t more famous as the company, but either the drift is clear, or it’s not.

  28. abhijeet

    Nokia Tune

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