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February 28, 2009

All work and all play…

srikanth @ 11:30 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1235863850 ) Play

Guest question from p vs np. What organization connects such stalwarts and many more? Identify please :-)

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In Soviet Russia, sends guest question to you.

Cracked by sand alone! Bravo sir!

See p vs np’s comment for the answer.

4 Responses to “All work and all play…”

  1. p vs np


    1. Grigori Perelman, extraordinary mathematician

    2. Alexander Khalifman, Russian Grand Master, winner of the ’99 FIDE Championship.

    3. Yuri Matiyasevich, mathematician and computer scientist who solved Hilbert’s tenth problem.

    4. Boris ‘Purushottama’ Grebenshikov, father of Russia’s rock and roll — Kinda out of the domain of all the Drama! Intrigue! Geekiness! and an exception to the asnwer.. Nevertheless included

    Connect: The Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239, the prestigious high school in Saint Petersburg, Russia that specializes in mathematics and physics and churns out brilliant minds such as above, every year.

  2. shrik

    International Correspondence Chess Foundation chaps, I think..

  3. sand

    The connect is the St. Petersburg Lyceum. The famous alumni amongst others — 1. perelman, solved (?) Poincare conjecture, 2. khalifman, chess champ in 1999, 3. yuri matiyasevich, hilberts tenth problem, 4. BG grebenschikov, russian rock star. Nice question :) Like the math and chess and music connect……

  4. Mo

    Tough – 1. is Grigori Perelman….International Mathematics Union/Clay Mathematics Institute?

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