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February 24, 2009


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Murray Gell-Mann named wanted to name quarks as quack, after the sound a duck would make. Instead, he chose the word Quark he read in Finnegan’s wake.

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  1. priyananda

    1. Murray Gell-Mann
    2. Finnegan’s wake
    3. Duck

    Quarks, named by Gell-Mann after the sound made by ducks, gets its spelling from “Three quarks for Muster Mark!” quote from Finnegan’s wake

  2. shrik

    Murray Gell-Man (No.1) spelt ‘quark’ from the “three quarks from muster mark” line from Finnegan’s Wake (No.2).

    Gell-Mann originally named the quark after quacking of ducks.

  3. Raghuvansh

    Murray Gell-Mann named the quark after a nonsense word in Joyce’s “Finnegan’s Wake”. The duck is there as….. a bad pun on quark and quack?

  4. Dibyo

    Quarks – Murray Gell-mann, Finnegan’s Wake and previously ducks – from where Gell-mann took the term.

  5. Pic 1 : Murray Gell-Mann

    Connect : Quark

  6. Quarks
    1. Murray Gel Mann who proposed that they exist
    2. has the line “Three quarks for muster mark”
    3. Quack Quack? :)

  7. Murray Gell-Mann named the Quark particle after the quack sound made by ducks,however the exact spelling was decided after reading Finnigan’s Wake.

  8. Vinay Nair

    Murray Gell Mann(1) – coined the term Quark from James joyce’s book Finnegans Wake(2). Dunno 3 maybe Murray Gell Mann’s hobby was bird watching or quark rhymes with quack.

  9. Quark\’s the word!

    1st pic – Murray Gell-Mann
    2nd pic – Finnegan\’s Wak, the book where the word \’quark\’ was first used
    \’Three quarks for Muster Mark…\’
    3rd pic – duck…quack! :P

  10. Quark\’s the word!

    1st pic – Murray Gell-Mann
    2nd pic – Finnegan\’s Wake, the book where the word \’quark\’ was first used
    \’Three quarks for Muster Mark…\’
    3rd pic – duck…quack! :P

  11. nisha's thambi

    1. named the Quark after a phrase in 2. that sounds like a sound 3. would make

  12. 1-Murray Gell-Man
    2-Finnegan’s Wake

    Gell-Mann originally named the quark after the sound made by ducks until he found the verse in Finnegan’s Wake.

  13. AmK

    Murray Gell-Mann (1) proposed the quark model. He initially based it on the sound made by ducks (3), but got the spelling from the word “quark” used in Finnegan’s Wake (2)

  14. alephnull

    1. Murray Gell-Mann who named the sub-nuclear consituents of matter after
    3. Onomatopoeic word for the call of the duck and the word was featured in
    2. the line “3 quarks for Muster Mark”

  15. sne

    Murray Gell-Mann named the quark particles after the sound of ducks and spelt the word as it appeared in Finnegan’s Wake.

  16. svgreatest

    Murray Gell-Mann coined the term ‘quark’, after the sound made by ducks and the spelling was decided after seeing the usage of the word in Finnegans Wake by James Joyce.

  17. udupendra


    Murray Gellman, named it after the sound that ducks make, borrowing the spelling from Finnegan’s Wake

  18. Mo

    1. Murray Gell-mann
    2. The book the name “quark” comes from
    3. Quack?

    Gell-mann got the name for “quarks” from (2)

  19. Physicist Murray Gell-Mann (Pic 1) named a type of subatomic particle as a quark, after the phrase “Three quarks for Muster Mark” on page 383 of Finnegans Wake,[219] as he already had the sound “kwork”.
    The duck is probably something to do with Quarks….Quacks….

  20. Nakul

    etymology of Quark. Although, Gell Mann first named the particles after the sound made by ducks, he found the word Quark in finnegan’s wake. And quark it remained.

  21. Nakul

    Fellow quizzers do visit for details on UTPT-09

  22. nisha's thambi

    oh i just saw the id bit- Murray Gell-Mann

  23. Aparna

    Connection is quark. The first picture is Murray Gell-Mann who proposed the model for a quark. The quark is named after the sound that a duck makes but the spelling comes from the book Finnegans wake.

  24. sand

    quarks… murray gell man lecturing in TED, three quarks for master mark….and hence forth.

  25. Murray Gell Mann

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