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January 23, 2009

It’s not the Illuminati…

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A really neat question from p vs np. Identify the dude and connect to the rest

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Cracked by Jean Valjean alone! Great job…

Check out p vs np’s answer for the whole funda…

2 Responses to “It’s not the Illuminati…”

  1. p vs np


    Nicholas Bourbaki.

    Its a collective pseudonym under which brilliant work in mathematics takes place. The group, consisting of young (and preferably French) mathematicians, strives to address every core issue in mathematics only through the rigors of Set Theory. In the course of their work, they happened to introduce the notation for an empty set (Pic 2), the dangerous bend symbol (Pic 3) etc. Its also claimed that they were the folk who introduce the blackboard letters (Pic 4), which we come across ever so frequently in our mathematics classes.

    Gentleman in Pic One is Charles Denis Bourbaki,a French general , who is supposed to be the origin of the name, which stuck as a result of a hoax.

    For more info on this fascinating and secretive, yet influential organisation, please refer :


    p vs np

  2. Nicholas Bouraki

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