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November 24, 2008

Taking stock…

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An iconic image that has been pending for a long time before coming here. What is this device, who’s operating it, and why was it famous?

Cracked by Martin , duriel , tempo , Aditya , Mridul Kapoor , vivek , ali , priyananda , Bipin Banavalikar  and nishansolo.


Herman Hollerith, operating the Hollerith tabulator while doing some US census related hijinks in 1908. This eventually led to the founding of IBM :-)

12 Responses to “Taking stock…”

  1. Martin

    Herman Hollerith of the punched card fame

  2. duriel

    Hollerith 1890 Census Tabulator
    Herman Hollerith
    IBM started off thus, punch cards were used, the term SuperComputing… lots of stuff…

  3. tempo

    Herman Hollerith operating the Tabulating Machine for US Census in 1890


  4. Herman Hollerith, working on a Punched Card Tabulating Machine. This device was invented by him to calculate the US Census data. He later founded IBM.

  5. Mridul Kapoor

    Herman Hollerith operating the Tabulating Machine

  6. vivek

    Herman Hollerith operating his punched card reader which was used first in the US census in 1890. Famous becasue it later became IBM???

  7. Ananth

    This is George Kemp, Marconi’s assistant operating the wireless radio.

  8. ali

    Hollerith Electric Tabulating System
    Herman Hollerith
    used by the US Census Bureau in 1908.

  9. priyananda

    Hollerith Electric Tabulator
    Herman Hollerith.
    First data processing computer.

  10. Bipin Banavalikar

    Device: Hollerith Tabulator
    Person Operating : Hermann Hollerith
    Famous for : It applied the technique of sorting and counting the punch cards.

    He started Tabulating Machine Company which further known as International Business Machines(IBM) whose solid foundation was punched card business machines.

  11. Dibyo

    Edison and the early stock ticker?

  12. nishansolo

    Device – Tabulating Machine
    Person – Herman Hollerith
    It was famous, because this was the machine that was developed to help process data for the 1890 U.S. Census.

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