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October 26, 2008

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Map depicting what?

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Answer:US, Liberia and Mayanmar are the only countries to have not adopted the SI system of measurement.

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  1. Biki

    Burma, Liberia, and the US – have not adopted the International System of Units (SI, or metric system) as their official system of weights and measures.

  2. Rahulk

    From left to right U.S. , Liberia and Burma(Myanmar) are the only countries who does not use the S.I. System …

  3. Grey-Countries using the imperial system.
    Green-Countries using the metric system.

  4. Good one!
    Burma, USA and Liberia are only countries which have not adopted the SI system(metric system)
    the map shows the same(green-SI, grey-non SI)

  5. Lord Labak Das

    They still follow the non-metric system.

  6. sidsen

    non metric system

  7. piezocake

    Countries that haven’t shifted to the metric system yet.

  8. varuns88

    Adoption of metric system.USA,Liberia and Myanmar are the only countries which havent adopted it.

  9. duriel

    USA, Liberia and Burma are the only three countries in the world that do not use the metric system.

  10. username

    International System of Units is the primary or sole system of measurement for all nations except for Myanmar, Liberia and the United States

  11. Chandrakant Nair

    USA , Liberia n Burma r d only countries still using the English unit system

  12. Vijay Shankar

    Countries which do not follow the metric system.
    Bangladesh, Liberia and USA.

  13. Bipin Banavalikar

    The countries marked are :
    United States of America, Liberia and Burma (Myanmar)

    The marked countries are those that have not officially adopted the metric system, whereas all the other countries are using metric system.

  14. amith

    USA, Liberia and Myanmar – Countries that haven’t officially adopted the metric system

  15. Rohan

    Countries which use the metric system and countries which use the imperial measurement system..

  16. Sridhar C

    The countries in green are those that use Metric units and the one’s in grey(USA, Myanmar,Liberia) use Imperial units.

  17. Ajay Parasuram

    Some C++ funda ?

  18. priyananda

    Easy one! USA, Liberia, Myanmar – non-metric countries.

  19. Ananth

    “I will not use SI standards!”

    US, Burma, Liberia – the 3 countries yet to adopt the metric system.

  20. Dibyo

    These three countries in grey have not adopted the SI system of units officially, yet.

  21. Vijay Shankar

    Correction. Its US, Liberia and Myanmar who don’t follow the metric system yet.

  22. the countries are: USA,Myanmar and Liberia
    all these countries have stars in the left corner of their national flag

  23. Anush

    Only countries that haven’t adopted the metric system yet.

  24. udupendra

    Countries who have adopted metric system

  25. Countries using FPS and SI systems.

  26. Is it the Kyoto Protocol?

    AMerica has not ratified it..

  27. pratap

    Places where SI system is not used – Myanmar, Liberia and the USA.

  28. pinaki sarkar

    Only three countries – Burma, Liberia, and the US – have not adopted the International System of Units (SI, or metric system) as their official system of weights and measures.

  29. Siddharth Jain

    Countries in gray – USA, Liberia & Myanmar are the only ones that haven’t adopted the S.I. (Metric) system officially.

  30. Prasad

    Map depicting countries that use the metric system (green) vs ones that dont (USA, Burma and Liberia)

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