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August 30, 2008


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What connects:

  1. $100

Cracked by joe , Dibyo , varuns88 , srikar and Achilles.

“The magic words are Squeamish Ossifrage”.

1) RSA
2) A lamergeier/Ossifrage
3) A 100$ award

Google should tell you the rest :-)

9 Responses to “Crib.”

  1. akhi

    A cash prize of $ 100 was offered to factor the RSA-129 challenge.It was factored by Lenstra. ( I couldn’t fit in that birdie.. ) :(

  2. joe

    RSA, Bearded vulture or ossifrage $100. RSA put out a challenge to decrypt a message encrypted with RSA 129 which read:”The magic words are squeamish ossifrage.” and had a $100 reward.

  3. Dibyo

    The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage

  4. varuns88

    Connect-> The RSA-129 number challenge.The factoring challenge included an encrypted message to be cracked,which was revealed to be “The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage”.Ossifrage is the older name for the lammergeier.

    2.a lammergeier
    3.the cash prize for factorising RSA-129

  5. Rivest, Shamir and Adleman of RSA algorithm fame(1), they published some key in a journal and announced a reward of $100 to any one who could encrypt it(3). No idea abt that bird in pic 3…

  6. The connect in one sentence: “The magic words are squeamish ossifrage.”

    1) RSA – i.e. Adi Shamir, Ron Rivest and LEonard Adleman creators of RSA security algorithm

    2) ossifrage – a predatory bird

    3) $100 prize money.

    The whole thing has to do with RSA-numbers and a challenge. RSA numbers are difficult to-factor composite numbers having exactly two prime factors. RSA numbers received widespread attention when a 129-digit number known as RSA-129 was used by R. Rivest, A. Shamir, and L. Adleman to publish one of the first public-key messages together with a $100 reward for the message’s decryption. Despite widespread belief at the time that the message encoded by RSA-129 would take millions of years to break, it was factored in 1994 using a distributed computation which harnessed networked computers spread around the globe performing a multiple polynomial quadratic sieve (Leutwyler 1994). The result of all the concentrated number crunching was decryption of the encoded message to yield the profound plaintext message “The magic words are squeamish ossifrage.”

  7. Achilles

    “The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage” was the solution to a challenge ciphertext posed by the inventors of the RSA(Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) cipher in 1977. It was solved in 1994 by Atkins group.There was a 100$ prize associated with it.

  8. Tathagata Chatterjee

    1) RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adelman) – founder of RSA Algorithm, leading to cryptography advancements
    3)Ralph Merkle is credited with being the principal inventor of a cryptosystem, and he placed a $100 bet
    that it is secure.
    2) Cant say.
    Connect : Cryptography

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  9. A 100$ reward for cracking the RSA that was donated to the Free Software foundation.

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