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July 26, 2008

Multiplication is hard…

srikanth @ 11:32 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1217115141 ) Play

What connects these two accidents?

Cracked by varuns88 , Atul Mathew , Goyal , gudanggurum , Rohan , Chandrakant Nair , rajeshvj , Dibyo and piezocake.


  1. The Gimli Glider, an Air Canada Flight – lost fuel and glided to a halt
  2. The Mars Climate Orbiter – Blew up somewhere over mars

Both mixups happened because of errors in conversion between imperial and metric units :-)

10 Responses to “Multiplication is hard…”

  1. varuns88

    1.Gimli Glider
    2.Mars Climate Orbiter

    Connect-> Metric Mixup

  2. 1-Gimli Gilder
    2-Mars Climate Orbiter

    Connect: Both accidents took place as a result of errors in metric-imperial conversions.

  3. Goyal

    Both had errors due to confusion between metric and British units.

  4. gimili glider- accident caused by using metric system which replaced the imperial system.

    mars climate orbiter- accident caused by using imperial system which replaced the metric system.

  5. Rohan

    gimli gilder metric mixup accidents!! nice one

  6. Chandrakant Nair

    First pic is of Air Canada flight 143 vch crashlanded at Gimli in Canada in 1983 due to lack of fuel(was on NGC very recently)..

    Second pic is the unsuccessful Mars Climate Orbiter mission of 1998..

    Both accidents occurred as a result of miscalculations due the conflicting values given by the Metric system n d Imperial System ; fuel load was miscalcalculated in case of the air canada flight and time in case of d space probe..

  7. rajeshvj

    Math with the wrong units.

    Nice question.

  8. Dibyo

    Both the Gimli Glider and the Mars Climate Orbiter were victim to incorrect conversion of metric units and imperial units.


  9. piezocake

    Both were caused as a direct result of wrong calculations by humans.

  10. Amajing Queston :)

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